Elite Volano direct trainer Ant+/ Bluetooth??

I was in love with the price on this plug-less Elite Volano direct trainer…and read a number of reviews on its somewhat-problematic Zwift compatibility with the added Ant+/Bluetooth unit…and well it’s been just that…and now that I revisit the Elite site and download their software…it looks like they don’t even offer support on their own trainer anymore and their own app and software doesn’t even mention the Volano as if it doesn’t exist.
Is Elite really dropping the ball completely and claiming ignorance on this model afte they claimed it has all kinds of connectivity with the extra $70 Ant+/BLE unit?? I can barely get the Bluetooth to show up as active on my phone or computer and I’ve yet to get it to connect to any device at all??
Anyone with experience or should I just go FMS?
Thanks in advance,
Bisschen Problematik

I used a Volano last season on Zwift, never had that issue. My suggestion is change battery in the module see if that helps. I have sensors that do the same when the watch battery is weak