Elite Turbo Muin Misuro B+ readings are not usable / incorrect

(Michel Breugom) #1



Yesterday I’ve done a ride as part of my trial period with the Elite Turbo Muin Misuro B+. The application itself looks fine but the power values from the Misuro B+ are going up and down very fast. In the Garmin Edge 800 I’m using I can display 3 sec and 10 sec power average values (I use 3 sec by default) and these values are way better to display. So I recommend to implement those otherwise it is virtually impossible in the FTP test to cycle with the recommended power.

Another this that was displayed completely with a different value was the cadence. The cadence was also paired with the Misuro B+ but it looked like it was calculated from the power by Zwift instead of used from the Misuro B+ readings. It was never close to the value that was displayed on my Garmin.

And the last comment: I experienced a couple of dropouts from the Garmin Heartrate strap in the Zwift application that I didn’t experience on my Garmin 800. The ANT+ sensor was in the range of 1,5 meter so that should not be a problem I would say. 

So it was nice to ride a trial with Zwift and I really like the application but for the time being it is not the application to use with the Elite Turbo Muin Misuro B+ I would say.

Once these issues are solved I consider joining Zwift.

Best regards,