Elite Trainer Configuration questions?

Does anyone know, EXACTLY, how to set up an Elite “QUBO Digital Interactive” Trainer correctly for Zwift? I submitted a ticket and the staff asked me to send them a link for the trainer.  Well, when I went to the Elite site, there is no link, nor any mention of this specific model.  I’m not sure, but I think it might be a special branding for a different model that was done for Performance Bike.

When I try to search and link the trainer within the app, I get 3 options:

ELITE FE-C 57105

ELITE Power 57105

ELITE RealTrainer 57105

Obviously, these are all close, but is one better than the others?  None of them correspond (as far as I can tell) to an actual listed model per Elite.  I have tried all of them but I get various wattages; all of which make me out to be the slowest, weakest cyclist in history…  

The most frustrating thing is, at least according to the box (which had Zwift all over it), this should have been painless.  But the manuals for the trainer are worthless too.

I’m really wishing I had held out for the Cycleops right now :frowning:

Thanks for any help!

Hi Rob, I would say the FE-c one, I faced the same with my Real Turbo Muin Smart b+, but the fe-c was the only one adjusting my trainer resistance.
So for me this look quite right to me.

Good luck and ride on!

Yep - FE-C standing for ‘Fitness Equipment Control’, so that should be the one…