Elite Suito vs. Kickr Core

Hi All, I would like to get a smart trainer. I am juggling between the Kickr Core and the Elite Suito. From the research I have done, there doesn’t seem to be too much of a difference between the two. Does anyone have any feedback or suggestions as to which one I should go for?

There seem to be some problems with power reading by some Elite trainers, search the forum.
No experience with Wahoo, but Elite support was not OK for me.

I would never recommend an elite product over a wahoo one. Lots of my friends bought elite diretos: bad erg, snapped belts, flimsy plastic. I’ve got a core and it’s much better. Elite seem to have a lack of documentation or support, and seem to have more issues on this forum than wahoo trainers.

Bought a Suito, did one ride on Zwift after following the correct calibration procedure (note: would only calibrate with Elite’s own app - the Zwift one didn’t work for this trainer). Unit was way, way off. Returned without even trying a second ride.

Bought a Kickr Core. Wattage is spot on from the off, calibrated in both the Wahoo and Zwift app. Happy days.

Thanks so much for the feedback! I have committed to the Kickr Core. :slight_smile:

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