Elite Suito power readings

Hi guys.

Did you get this resolved?

I’ve had a direto for nearly 2 years that I’ve suspected to be reading 10W too high.

It’s taken a while to get to a point where I can prove my suspicions as I’ve had a number of issues with Vector 3 drop outs, and also a ponder that the 3S (which I had initially) was under reading because it was only on the left, my weaker side.

After a few successful readings from vector 3 to compare to the direto using DC Rainmakers analyze tool, I then had the belt break in the direto (I have used it a lot).

Replacement belt and I’ve then had to recalculate the offset, which makes some sense.

I managed to get one ride where the vectors and direto were close enough to be acceptable.

But then it’s gone to at least 10W out to as much as 15% out (290W v 250W).

I then borrowed a mates direto, which was bought from the same shop at the same time as mine, and that is just spot on with my vectors.

Elite have now taken the direto back for repair/replacement via the shop and distributor. Not sure quite yet what the resolution is, but Elite have been helpful throughout and are looking at it.

There is no update to the Direto software in the 2 years that the trainer has been on the market. They indicate that there will be an update before the end of the year now that the Upgrado app is available.

I know this isn’t the same Elite trainer that you have, but I reckon that one Elite smart trainer isn’t going to be massively different to another Elite smart trainer in terms of Elites approach to development and support.


I have the same issue with my Suito. Upgraded firmware and hardware revision 3. At 100w it tracks the same as my power meter (Vector 2s) but anything above that it started to get 10% or more off. Only had it a week so I may send it back, unless this can be fixed somehow.

get Direto X, it is must better than suito

Same problem for me. I upgraded the firmware too, but nothing new happened.
Some friends of mine have a Direto and seems to be better.

I’ve had my Suito for just a little over a month. I thought the power readings were off due to the sheer difficulty of some Trainerroad rides and in general, Zwift rides too. I recently rode a Zwift ride on a Tacx Neo 2T and was blown away by the ease at similar power - which led to me to start investigating the power discrepancies in the Suito. I decided to compare the power from the Suito with my Favero pedals, and found the same thing as the rest of this forum (suito - hardware rev 1, firmware 191) - constantly 20-30w lower power. I contacted Elite’s customer service and this is what they want me to test:

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\ 40x40 Andrea Brotto (Elite Srl)

19 nov, 16:19 CET

Good Afternoon
Thank you for getting in touch with us.

Regarding your request please send me all the below information:

  • Serial number of the trainer

Then please follow this procedure
Enter on My E-Training app and configure the app with the trainer if not already done
Go to Parameters -> Advanced Settings -> Spindown calibration
Follow the procedure, and take note of the number that appear at the end of the procedure and send that number to me

Go back to main page
Go to Training -> Power Mode
Start to pedal
Click on Start
Set the power at 100W and pedal for 1 minutes
Set the power at 150W and pedal for 1 minutes
Set the power at 200W and pedal for 1 minutes
Set the power at 250W and pedal for 1 minutes
Set the power at 300W and pedal for 1 minutes
Set the power at 350W and pedal for 1 minutes
Record the training also from your Favero and send me tcx file recorded from it
Then click on End

Go to History
Select the training you have just done
Click on the sharing button and select csv
send me the csv file

Then also:
Enter on MY E-Training from your smartphone/tablet with trainer connected
Go to Parameters -> Advanced Settings
Click on Read Map
Wait for the creation of the file and then send it to me

Waiting your reply

Andrea B.
Elite srl

So I will do the test on Friday, send the results over and see what happens. I will post up the reply from Elite here, as well as the power data from the Suito & Favero’s.


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I have a Zumo and similar issues to you and also got that email.

I’m not exactly what you might call a high power rider so maintaining 300 and 350W for a minute is going to be really hard (especially as it will be 380W in reality due to the low power readings!)

be interested to hear how you get on - i’ll post my results too.

Lol it feels like we’re doing a QA test for Elite (crowdsourced).

I was struggling a bit too with the 300 and 350w intervals, because I was actually doing around 350-430w. I took a break around the 05:24 mark and started the “350W” interval at 06:24. I ran the numbers through DC Rainmaker’s Analyzer tool and here are the results.

Turquoise - Garmin 520 + Favero Assioma Duo’s (firmware 04.04)
Purple - Elite Suito Power (hardware revision 1, firmware 191)

that max power difference :frowning:

Hey guys,
I bought Elite suito and I have the same issues as you have.

What I did is 2 sessions of 10 min with assioma duo pedals and my elite suito trainer. The first ride is a 10 min free ride. The second ride is 10 min in erg mode starting in zone 1 for 2 minutes then going up to zone 2,3,4,5,6 every minute and finishing the last minutes in free ride mode.
But before starting, I calibrated assioma duo pedals twice.
I also did a spindown calibration of the trainer before the second ride
As you can see, quite a big difference when riding Titans grove (ride 1)
In the ride 2 in erg mode, the more power I produce, the more difference in power there is between my assioma duo pedals and elite suito …

I’m in contact with the Elite support, I’ll tell you what they say to me

UPDATE - elite send me a new firmware to manually flash over the EEPROM on my trainer, and asked me to redo the test. The results are much better than the original firmware but the power is still off a bit. If they can close this gap then it would be great. Good news is that the inaccuracies can be solved with firmware.

looks pretty good aside from the last two higher bits - seems promising

did they say if this firmware will be rolled out to the wider public?


looks like i cant post JSON files here in the forum. private message me your email and i’ll forward the email from Elite with the EEPROM firmware + instructions.

I have done some testing with my Suito (standard firmware) vs Stages (single left).

It seems that the accuracy gets better the longer time it has run (the warmer the trainer gets).
At the end (after 60 min) the results are very similar. An additional remark is that I am left legged.

Se the results:

After 10 min I made a spinndown off the Suito and a calibration off the Stages.

I’ve done about 5 rides on the Suito so far and feel like I’ve got the same issue. The problem is I don’t have any other way to measure power so can’t say for sure. I’m down 15-20% Vs my previous trainer which is a cycleops powerbeam Pro and has a built in power tap. I’m keen to hear any developments on this.

can I get that update

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email please?

definately better after a warmup. sucks that you have to ride a solid 60min before you get consistent-ish data.

This seems like a great post to let people know on, but if you haven’t already heard, Elite has a new app out called Upgrado, which will be used to upgrade firmware, and currently the Suito is the only trainer it works with, but more will be added in the future.

Not sure if this will help the problems people have been having, but I hope it does!

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Email removed

Hi there!, i recently bought the suito too. Now im having the same issues as you all have. Compared to my old trainer and my powermeter pedals im about 30-40 watts of target. Did you guys already got a solution like that firmware flash? With the app upgredo im up to date.
Thanks for the reply.

Hello everyone, I also have a problem with the power calculation with my suito.
I also have a problem with the cadence calculation. I have mounted an XTR 11-40 cassette on my suito and strangely enough the cadence is divided by 2 when I follow on sprockets 35 and 40. On the other sprockets the cadency becomes normal again, incomprehensible. Speed is ever good, crazy.
I’m sending you an MP Sarabraj to get the latest update. For your information, my current firmware, (obtained via upgrado) is number 191 and hardware revision 4.