Elite Suito ERG control issue

I have been using an Elite Suito with a Lenovo laptop and Windows 10. Recently the ERG mode stopped working as Zwift seems to not be able to control the Suito. I initially thought this was an issue of the Suito but ERG works fine with the Elite MyETraining app. I have no indication from Zwift that it shouldn’t work because the power/cadence/control all connect and display what seems to be correct power/cadence numbers.

I tried to run Zwift from a MacBook and everything works fine!

I noticed that Zwift running in Windows recognizes the Suito as “Suito 239” from Bluetooth and “Suito 236” from the Companion app, while from the MacBook the Suito is “Suito 245” …

Has anyone encountered this? Anyone can recommend a fix for the Windows machine? I much prefer to keep my older Windows computer in the pain cave.

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