Elite Realaxiom (connected w/ USB cable)

(Dan Antonelli KickCharge) #121

Cool - got it downloaded. Riding tomorrow morning, fingers crossed! Will let you know - thanks @Jon.


(Jon) #122

Oh also make sure you unplug and replug in the USB trainer after installing the driver. I think on the mac OSX only recognizes the device after replugging it back in.

(Pavel Grigorenko) #123

In fact, I did both, tried to replug and pedalled for some time


> you’ll need to install the “ftdi” driver

oh, did not notice that, will try later today. thanks

(Kirk Williamson ZER) #124

Jon, after download (had to change prefs to install) and unplug replug in usb it worked like a charm. Everything paired up perfectly. Thanks so much for this upgrade it makes the experience better. The computer graphics card etc are all better than the PC so it’s way better. 

(Dan Antonelli KickCharge) #125

I downloaded and installed (USB was not plugged in), and then launched Zwift this morining. Zwift found the trainer, and power meter as usual, so I thought I was good, however Zwift did not change the resistance during the ride on hills, down hills, etc. Not sure why, but no luck for me. OSX Yosemite

(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #126

Tested the Cadence for wired Elite Realxiom in windows 10 and I can confirm that it is working now.  

THANK YOU this is great.

Jon: Are there any plans to use the calibration values as defined by Elite.(P1,P2 & P3). 


(D.) #127

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to gauge your interest to see if, once everyone is set up and it’s working properly for all, you’d be interested in doing a group ride some Saturday or Sunday morning (or when convenient—I’m Eastern Standard time). I haven’t done one yet and wouldn’t mind trying it with others I know have the same trainer.

It could be the RAT ride, or the RAT race, or something. Maybe RAW or RAWT, since we’re all “Wired” in.

Just a thought. Cheers,


(Kirk Williamson ZER) #128

Dave - that would be great but you’d have to wait for me. I ride under 2k most of the time. I’m EST as well. 

(Kirk Williamson ZER) #129

I rode this morning using my MacBook Pro on Yosemite with my wired elite axiom and all seemed fine to me. The hills were pretty difficult so the trainer was putting the brake on. Only problem I had was my iPhone app decide not to pair with my network for some reason. So I could not take photos and ring my bell! :smile:

(Dan Antonelli KickCharge) #130

@Kirk - may sound trivial - but which side of your laptop did you plug in Axiom cable? I have my ANT dongle on the right and the had Axiom on the left.

I couldn’t get mine to change resistance although I did get Zwift to recognize the trainer at login. Were you still using a powermeter also?

(Kirk Williamson ZER) #131

I was plugged into the right side. Everything paired up fine. I’m not using any Ant + devices. No power meter etc. you might be having an issue with the computer not knowing which way to turn so to speak. I also was running an HDMI cable into the big tv but that has nothing to do with this. I think the computer is getting confused between the ant dongle and the cable hookup. Just a guess. I bet Jon did not add in that part of it. 

(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #132

shouldn’t you tell the software “Zwift” to use the Elite trainer as Controllable Trainer and the Power meter as Power Source.

I only have a Elite Realxiom trainer but I think it should look something like this in the setup.(picture taken from http://www.titaniumgeek.com/cycling/zwift-user-manual-unofficial-running-updates/)

Please correct me if im wrong.

(Sergei Hansmer) #133

wow 176 bpm!
I hope this is not the beginning of a workout? :slight_smile:

(Harri Ilves (RAW)) #134

Dave, I was just thinking about suggesting a “RAW” group ride today as well, now that everybody is more or less on board. I am Eastern European Time, 7 hours a head of EST. Sunday would suit me better.

I have been experiencing some odd Zwift crashing issues lately, so I hope I will get my laptop problems sorted out by then.

(Pavel Grigorenko) #135

Guys, let’s keep this thread technical, you can discuss workouts in a separate topic.

I confirm that now RA is working on the Mac version. The issues I’ve found so far:

  1. Mobile link app does not discover the game (worked on Windows)

  2. Windows version on the same Mac computer (win10 installed via Boot Camp) runs much smoother on the same graphics settings than the OSX version.

3. Though I haven’t ridden a lot on the Mac version, but it seemed that the game showed even less watts compared to the Windows one.

(D.) #136

Fair enough, Pavel. Just suggesting it here as everyone will get the message. Happy to discuss elsewhere. Keep eyes open for a new thread. 

(Dan Antonelli KickCharge) #137

Hey Guys & Jon-

Got my Mac OSx version to run. Restarted computer, and used Axiom USB on the right port, and ANT USB on the left. Cant confirm if that was my initial issue, or if it was the restart. Did FRF ride and was very cool. Picked up Power from Quarq. ONly think it didnt have was cadence. But after ride, I relaunched and manually selected Quarq cadence, and then it was fine. Zwift had three sources of cadence listed so just chose Quarq.

Thanks so much Jon! Really made for a more engaging experience.

(Felipe Salum) #138

Wow, just got my wired RealAxiom paired. I didn’t try a ride yet, just installed the USB driver, rebooted my iMac, re-connected the usb cable and opened Zwift.

I will try a ride soon.


Thanks for the support!!

(Craig Shuff) #139

I hacve an issue that as soon as I hit a hill over 4% it drops the speed down to 3-4mph even though I used the same gear and rpm as I was before I hit the hill to test the speed dropeed by 10mph the only parameter that changed was the gradient everything else rpm and gear on the bike was constant.

I have it paired like this

HRM - Garmin

Cadence - HRM

Controlled Trainer - Axiom

Power Scouce - Axiom

I have also tried unpairing the power source and conneting to undiscolesd trainer and garmin Speed sensor but get the same issue as soon as it hit the hill?

(Brendon Madden-Smith MEC) #140

I have an Elite Realaxiom wired trainer and have been trying to connect to the Zwift app without success.

I’m running Windows 10 on PC. The trainer works fine with the Elite software so I know the trainer is OK and the connection to the PC is working.

When I run “search” for controllable trainer it doesn’t find anything, even when I pedal the trainer for 5 minutes. I’ve tried changing USB ports etc and rebooting.

I’m wondering if it might be an issue with a driver, although from reading the thread above I gather you need to download and install a driver for iOS but not for Windows.

Anyone got any ideas?