Elite Realaxiom (connected w/ USB cable)

(Mike Carroll) #101

Sorry I was unable to help.  I had this once where I could not get it running after a couple reboots and several tries.  After a few hours I tried again and it worked.  I decided it must have still been updating when I was first trying, whether this is correct or not I can’t say.

Other than that one time I have to reboot after each update, but other than that it has been flawless.

Good luck.

(John Newell) #102

Thanks for your help Mike Carroll.

(Pavel Grigorenko) #103

Finally, I’ve managed to install Win10 on my Mac with Boot Camp (running Zwift in a Virtual Machine did not work out) and connect Zwift with my wired RealAxiom, yay! In fact, it took Zwift quite a while to find the trainer after clicking on ‘Controllable Trainer’, I even started thinking that something is wrong or the game version was incorrect.

The first riding experience was great, but, as lots of people have already mentioned, the power reading is way off, I did a Zwift Island Climb pushing minimum 300-350W (perceived effort) but Zwift was showing at most 200W.

> I just found the issue with cadence being off on wired Elite trainers and fixed it

I’m using my Garmin cadence sensor, I guess it’s a good workaround.


Keep up the great work, Jon and the team, thanks a lot!

(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #104

Thanks for looking int the cadence issue.

May i point out one more thing that I noticed.

While riding my avatar stopped pedaling although I was really pushing it. I assumed it was my Wired Elite RA trainer the momentarily lost connection with the PC (this also happen with the Elite software, It has to do with the plug on the head unit not making proper contact).

So I had to re do the whole pairing process and continue riding. This was nice that Zwift would find the trainer again an I could continue riding.

So my question is, could you add something that will auto detect the trainer if it lost connection for a brief moment.

Thanks again for al your hard work.

Zwift is Great.



(Felipe Salum) #105

I missed some of the updates, long thread. Was the Mac version released with support for wired Realaxiom ?

(Jason Williams (PoWER)) #106

During downtime between assisting my wife with delivery of our second child, I have become a “student” of Zwift. A friend of mine is currently using Zwift and loves it. I am also recruiting a few more from our team so that we can get team rides in during inclement weather days. I decided to establish an account. I have watched every video and read almost every article. I began to sweat bullets when I first realized (until recently) Zwift did not support wired Elite RA. Finding this blog is promising news!!! Cant wait to get home and try it out!!! Thank you Jon for all your work and everyone’s input.

Quick Questions: I have the RA set up, but also have a Garmin GSC 10 wireless speed/cadence so that I can capture data on both the RA and Gamin programs.  I also simultaneously use both a Polar and ANT heart strap.

  1. Will I need to continue to use the Garmin ANT devices, or can I remove them with Zwift connected to the wired RA?

  2. I do not need an ANT Dongle, correct? If I am ONLY using the RA wired and Polar HR I do not need the GSC 10 / ANT Dongle / ANT Heart Strap, correct???

Thank you,

Jason Wms 


(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #107

Hi Jason.


Welcome to Zwift. 

Yes you don’t need any other sensor but your Wired RA with your Polar HR strap, I assume that strap does connect to the RA.

It will be nice to have the Garmin cadence sensor as currently the cadence on Zwift is not correct, but it should be fixed in the next update. So I would not go and buy an ant+ sensor right now.

Just a word of caution: This is highly addictive and you may want to train every day and night.  :-)

Have fun.

(D.) #108

Hi Jason,

Until today I only used the speed/cadence sensor on the RA, with the Polar heart rate strap, so, as I see it:

  1. no, you don’t need to use the Garmin ant+ devices with the RA connected to Zwift, thanks to the recent updates by Jon, our hero.

  2. So, no, you don’t need the ant+ dongle now. (Right, everyone? Correct me if I’m off or something.

That said, I tried for the first time today using my Garmin SC10 with the ant+ dongle and my Wahoo Tickr HR strap and found both sensors to be more reliable than the other sensors. I was getting crazy HR spikes (like, up to 214 bpm) with my Polar strap, so I think I’m going to use this combination from now on. The cadence issue was completely fixed as well, so if, like me, you bought the dongle to work around the RA’s previous incompatibility, give it a go.

Hope this helps. 

(D.) #109

Gerrie is right…it makes it way more fun.

(Jason Williams (PoWER)) #110

Gents, thanks much for the immediate info!!! Now, all I need is for the doc to discharge us s I can take my wife and beautiful baby daughter home so they can rest and so I can get my RIDE ON!!!

(D.) #111

No problem. Congratulations, by the way. Say hi on Zwift sometime.

(Kirk Williamson ZER) #112


Any news on the Mac front for wired Elite Axiom trainers? Also I’m finding inconsistent mph, rpm, power using the same trainer with the Beta for PC. I would expect to get a nice jump in speed when going to the big ring but I’m not getting any. Not sure why. Thanks for doing the work on PC Beta. I can now use Zwift with my trainer, Yay. My problem is it’s an older bare bones PC and I have to plug in for the internet not Wifi so I can’t use the iPone app. ugggh.

(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #113

My legs are not happy with you Zwift…. My head just want to go and ride every day but the legs have to do all the work.

Since I have joined Zwift I have ridden almost 400km and over 11 hours.

So this brought me to the Question of how do you handle the Calibration values from the trainer. When I use the Elite software I can calibrate the trainer using a set of values P1,P2 and P3. It seem that this values is not being used in Zwift and therefore if feels different riding in the zwift environment vs the Elite environment.

The only reason I bring this up is because I cannot pedal in my 50/11 gear on a flat road at a cadence higher the 50rpm (cadence measured on bike computer not zwift) because of the high amount of resistance produced by the trainer. I can normally hold 90 rpm in 50/11 on the road and with the elite software.

Do any of the other users experience this?

I do understand that this is probably not top priority but I just want to know if you are aware of this and if it is on the (super long) to do list.

Thanks again for all the effort and hard work to create a fun inter face to make training in the cold winter months possible.

(Cyril NAUD) #114

I am in the same case than Gerrie.

In Zwift environment, even in the downhill, i need to push hard with my legs !

Power & cadence are quite the same in both environments but calibration seems to be very different.

My legs and I would appreciate a fix :slight_smile:

Thanks for the job



(Dan Antonelli KickCharge) #115

Saw this on the update today - but not sure if that means us Mac users with wired will work. I think thats what it means though! Jon can you confirm this is the update we’ve been waiting on? Not sure if Elite equals RealAxiom.


“Added support for Wired USB Elite Trainers on OSX”

(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #116

Dan as I understand it is you got your support on OSX.


I am happy to see that the Cadence for the Elite wired trainer has been corrected. 

What’s new on Zwift 2/24 (1.0.10145)

  • Fixed issue with cadence reading incorrectly from Elite Wired trainers


Thanks for all your effort to make the platform really good.

Ps, today was meant to be a rest day but I will have to go ride to see all the new features.



(Pavel Grigorenko) #117

I tried the latest Mac version and Zwift did not find my RA. May be I did not wait long enough (a couple of mins) before it appeared under a controllable trainer section?

(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #118



I found with the Windows version you have to pedal while waiting for it to connect, it can take a minute or so.

(Kirk Williamson ZER) #119

I’m with Pavel, Zwift on my Macbook Pro would not find my wired Elite Real Axiom. The blinking green light on the control panel glows steady instead of blinking like it does when I hook it up to the PC

(Jon) #120

Sorry I haven’t had a chance to come in here and give you guys an update. For mac support you’ll need to install the “ftdi” driver for the usb connection. This is the same driver mac computrainer users have to install as they use a similar USB chip.   You can grab it here: http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP/MacOSX/FTDIUSBSerialDriver_v2_2_18.dmg

If it doesn’t work after that, lemme know.