Elite Realaxiom (connected w/ USB cable)

(Pavel Grigorenko) #81

+1 for Mac version!!!

(Harri Ilves (RAW)) #82

Chip and Sergei:

I am able to run my real power meter and Zwift independently and simultaneously. Zwift shows 50W-100W lower numbers than my real power meter. Doing the same with RA software and real power meter and the result is opposite. RA shows about 30-50W higher numbers than the real power meter. 

So, if compared the Zwift with RA software the difference in my case would be around 80W-150W. I think these two you probably cannot run simultaneously and independently. 

(Chip) #83

Harri, I’m probably not telling you something you don’t already know but just in case, if you have a real power meter you can use with Zwift on a regular basis, you will want to pair and use that with Zwift along with selecting a “controllable trainer” (it will find your RA if its plugged in and you have the latest Zwift version). That way you get the best of all worlds - accurate speed reporting on Zwift from the real power meter, but changing resistance on your trainer.  

(Sergei Hansmer) #84

Harri  thx! 

Jon , here is one more proof that the difference is large. What do you think, is it possible to fix it in the future?

(D.) #85

Hi again,

After doing a 30 km ride last night I just have to say I had a really great time using Zwift. There is one little issue I noticed, however. While Zwift seems to change the resistance on the RA a little faster than the Elite software, there is still a few seconds of delay between an increased or decreased gradient and the trainer “catching up”. 

It’s totally manageable, but in the future, I’m wondering if it might be possible for Zwift to anticipate the gradient change and adjust the resistance a little sooner to the change is more instantaneous. I don’t know why Elite hasn’t already done this…


(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #86

First off all thank you for incorporating the option for the wired RA (Realaxiom) trainer. I did my first ride this morning and it was a lot of fun. I had a more intense workout than I had planned. It is so motivating to ride with other riders and to try and catch those that are passing. I don’t have a Power meter so all goes by feeling.
I did the Zwift - Richmond, VA ride, the resistance were constantly changing. Riding on a flat road felt like more work than on the road, but I have a different bike on the trainer so it could be that. Uphill felt very realistic as I got dropped quite early on the hills.

I have downloaded the course profile and will ride the same course using the RA software to compare the feeling between the two interfaces.

I have adjusted the Calibration values of my trainer some time ago to have a more realistic experience so that may have helped my overall experience. What I did was to ride a 40Km loop on the road a few times and then program that same route into the RA software and ride it to compare my time and intensity, I would then adjust the calibration values so that I can be in the same range on the trainer as I am on the road.

It would be nice if the ZWIFT software let us do a familiar course that we logged on STRAVA on the road and then apply a scale factor. It will be like a time trial, I don’t mind if there are different graphics or even just an image showing the route profile. It would be nice to have this compulsory time trial for power trainers, that way we will be able to compete against other riders with power trainers or even better against those with real Power meters.

Thanks for all your hard work.
I think I got hooked after 30min.

(Harri Ilves (RAW)) #87


Do I need an ANT+ dongle for the “best of all worlds” set up or how the power meter’s ANT+ signal is routed into Zwift? If I understood correctly with this set up I don’t need the “slider” Jon is programming into Zwift.

(Chip) #88

Yes, you need the dongle, and yes, the slider would be irrelevant at that point.

(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #89

Second ride with the RA controlling resistance and measuring power, heart rate and cadence.

I noticed that the cadence is not accurate at all, it seems that the cadence is calculated as a function of power. I can confirm that my cadence sensor does work when I am using the RA software and I have a secondary bike computer that also show my cadence. So I assume that the RA unit does send the cadence data but Zwift is not reading it correctly.

Also after riding last night on the RA software and comparing it to Zwift I do think that the resistance is higher in Zwift (meaning I have to pedal a lot harder on a flat road using Zwift).

I know this is still in Bata phase and I am amazed at all the progress that you are making with the software.

I there is any tests that you would like us to do with the wired RA I will gladly help.

(dan cummins) #90

just connected my real axiom last night and it worked well, numbers matched my power meter exactly. it connected no problem super simple setup and worked flawlessly, thanks saved me from buying a new trainer.

(D.) #91

Must agree with Gerrie Delbert on the cadence issue. Thanks for reminding me. My cadence seemed stuck around 80-84 rpm even when I increased it to what I’m pretty sure was 100 to 110 on certain efforts, compared to real life data from my Garmin Edge 520 and speed/cadence sensor. 

(Olivier Wtyklo (KISS) (B)) #92

+1 for mac version. 

I have a realaxiom wired, it works rather good on PC. thanks for the job, zwift is amazing. I registered without hesitating

Just a few items that I guess would need some improvements:

  • RPM is wrong surely

  • delay between gradient on screen and actual power on the roller

  • I can’t see other rider on my PC since I used a my professional one, I guess it’s linked to the proxy or VPN protection ? reason why I look forward to the mac version to be able to use my personnal computer and ride with other fellows :wink:


keep on going ! thks


(Jon) #93

Hi All, I just found the issue with cadence being off on wired Elite trainers and fixed it. It’ll be in the next update we send out (no ETA at the moment).

Re: Mac/OSX, if I can find some time I’ll take a look - it’s close but there’s a showstopper remaining and OSX+EliteWired is losing to some higher priority work items we have at Zwift HQ currently.   

(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #94

Thanks for all your hard work and dedication and for keeping us informed on the progress. 

One more thing regarding the wired RA: on the startup screen it remembers the Power source, controllable trainer and Cadence but i have to search for the Heart rate every time. It does get the HR really quickly so it is not a big deal but I just want to let you know.

I have done a bit of Beta testing and this “Beta” for the wired RA is very stable. Thanks.


(John Newell) #95

I have the wired RealAxiom and have downloaded the latest software.  I have my trainer plugged into the outlet and the USB connected.  When I launch Zwift the application launches and presents two options, Join Now and Start Ride. and then just shows me a screen with mountains in the background and water in front and a shoreline with animation.  There is no menu or controls present.  Nothing on right click.  What am I doing wrong?

(Mike Carroll) #96

Assuming you have setup your Zwift account you should be able to select Start Ride, it will ask you to log in, then you will be placed in the game.  (Join Now takes you to the Zwift Web Site.)

(John Newell) #97

Yes, I have an account and can login.  The main window launches and I can see it says Zwift not responding…and then it apparently does because it then shows the animated window with the mountain/water scene.  At no time am I asked to make any choices about my trainer.  I get nothing.  Could something be interfering with the Zwift connection?

(Mike Carroll) #98

I have had issues where I had to reboot my laptop after Zwift updated, not sure if you have done that since the install. (Though for me Zwift crashes with an error in this case)  Once you choose Start Ride it should open the Zwift window with the options to pick a trainer/power/cadence, etc.

To recap (from memory, sorry if this is not exact)

I start Zwift and login in

It asks me to Join Now or Start Ride

I pick Start Ride

It then opens the Zwift program (takes 10 seconds or so) and you end on the screen where you can select your hardware.

(Mike Carroll) #99

As I re-read your last post that sounds like the error I get when they do an update.  Try rebooting your laptop and try it again.

(John Newell) #100

I just rebooted and same thing.  No controls to do anything…just the animated graphic.  I did a search of my system and see some Zwift log files, If anyone from Zwift is monitoring can I send/post my log files?