Elite Realaxiom (connected w/ USB cable)

(Mike Carroll) #61

Chip, I can’t speak for the others but I don’t have a power meter and don’t have the funds to drop a grand to get what is mostly a curiosity for me.  I ride for exercise and fun and am pretty middle of the pack.  I very much like having the feedback of my smart trainer but have gone from middle of the pack where I pass some and others pass me and able to get the occasional draft to being so slow that I can’t catch a rider’s wheel no matter how hard I pedal.  

I am certainly not looking for any unfair advantage but going from a 20+ mph real life speed (which pretty much matches what I was getting in Zwift with the speed sensors) to a 14mph Zwift speed even though I am sustaining a much higher watt output than I do in real life is pretty painful.

(Ronni Jensen) #62

I think that the resistance i quit hard, even at the minimum, compared to elite’s own software. The resistance doesen’t change whatever it is uphill or downhill.

Does anyone have the same issue, or do i do something wrong?

(Sergei Hansmer) #63

to  Ronni Jensen

Yes it is. Changing only the speed on the screen. There is no feeling like the descent or ascent to the RA.

(Jon) #64

Ronni, Sergei, you should feel the resistance change if you paired your trainer as a “controllable trainer” in the bottom right pairing box in the pairing screen.  Did you do this, or did you just pair it as a power meter?

As for everybody else, it sounds like the real axiom has some pretty wild variations in factory calibration - maybe some of the most dramatic we’ve ever seen on any trainer.  I’m not sure if elite expects everybody to have a power meter so they can calibrate their unit to that or what, but I’ll see if I can add a small bias slider in there for these units so you can try to correct it for reality.  These units will not qualify as “power meters” down the road when we segregate leaderboards unfortunately, as they are not as accurate as power measurement devices.

(D.) #65

Hi Jon, 

That would be great if you could add that slider. I finally got to try the game out briefly last night (will do so again this morning), but I also found the wattage to be quite low compared to the RA software and  Strava estimates, but . Thanks so much for your efforts on this.  

(Dan Antonelli KickCharge) #66

Don’t let these PC guys distract you from your most critical task… a Mac version - and then a slider hahah… :slight_smile:

(D.) #67

Fair enough, Dan! Haha

Just did a 20k ride and it was great. The resistance changes and efforts are pretty comparable to what I’ve experienced with the Elite software. 

It’s great to be able to play along finally. :) 

(Harri Ilves (RAW)) #68

Yes, the slider would be great. Then we would be able to participate e.g. group rides. With a current set up it is probably impossible to keep up with the others. Based on my limited experience the intensity affects the Power difference as well. I did my second test ride today (1h45) and noticed when climbing the Watopia mountain the power difference between my power meter and Zwift was on the average about 80W on uphill (too low numbers in Zwift). When pushing hard the gap increased to around 100W. 

Otherwise the Zwift is great for indoor riding!

(John Newell) #69

So there is a beta for RealAxiom USB support…what trainer do I choose when I download Zwift since it is not listed?  I tried downloading the RealAxiom wireless and Zwift launches but I don’t see any controls…just a graphic.

Any pointers?

(Mike Carroll) #70

John, when you choose smart trainer and search your RA should show up to pick, it will not show under the list of trainers to select as non-controllable as it does not have a fixed resistance. 

However, and this may be something Zwift can look into, I have a buddy who has a RA a couple years older than mine (very similar except for no cadence) and Zwift will not detect his trainer.  Mine came up instantly.

(Mike Carroll) #71


The controllable slider would be awesome!  I have ridden with the RA in controllable mode three times now and while the grades do not feel as extreme as when I use the RA software with a video program, they are fine as they give me the going up/going down indication that makes it so much better in riding.  If I shift one less gear in either direction is not of concern as I am riding to feel anyway.  As it is now I ride with controllable mode when I am riding on my own, but have to ride as a dumb trainer and speed sensor when riding with others as my max effort when controlled has them spinning easy so no way for me to keep up.

I have no problem at all not be counted in a power meter leader list as obviously we will not be comparable, plus as stated previously I am pretty middle of the pack in real life and am quite happy there in Zwift as well.  I am more interested in comparing my own efforts against each other.

I Definitely appreciate your efforts!

(Wayne McKillip ZHR (C)) #72

I am experiencing the same issue with lower power on zwift than the RA software shows.  For me the RA power was higher than reality but the Zwift is way lower than reality for me.  I would say I am about 100 Watts low in Zwift to reality.  So far I love the concept and hope to continue using it as a training tool.  For the training programs I suppose it is fine as I am just comparing myself to myself to show improvement.  But I am a very competitive Cat 3, having won my state championship races twice.  So it is not fun getting smoked by pretty much everyone on Zwift as I am plugging along at 1.5W/K.  I look forward the controllable slider so I can get closer to reality on my power and try some of the group rides or hopefully as Zwift evolves we can do in game races.  

Thanks for getting the RA trainers up and running.  I have never ridden this many hours in a week on a trainer so no matter what I am going to see improvements.

(Ryan Christian) #73


I have a realaxiom elite wired trainer that is only a few years old(2012 I think). Seems othesr have been able to get the trainer hooked up and riding on zwift, however, my trainer is not giving me the option to connect.

Do I need alternate software (beta?) in order to connect the wired trainer?


(Harri Ilves (RAW)) #74

No, you don’t need any alternate software, just Zwift. Software should detect your trainer when connected to computer and powered up and it should be listed under “smart trainer” section in the pairing screen.

(Chip) #75

Ryan, did you update your Zwift software first to the latest addition? I believe that is required.

(Sergei Hansmer) #76

Jon, yes - paired trainer as a “controllable trainer”.
When you do workout (I did ftp test) don’t feel the resistance, changing only speed. If you do just simple ride, feel resistance on downhill and uphill.


Who has real power meter and wired RA, tell me, what is the difference in power between them, when riding in zwift?

(Ryan Christian) #77


got it up and running, finally on strava! 

(Chip) #78

Sergel, if you use a real power meter than you see the real meter power within Zwift, and can’t compare them. However, as Jon mentioned the difference from RA trainer to RA trainer in power readings varies significantly, though nearly always RA reports much higher (50-100 watts) power than real power. 

(German Bejarano) #79

Hello, I have a friend who wants to use this trainer with Zwift, but I can’t find where he can get the beta version from.

Can anybody provide guidance?


(German Bejarano) #80

Nevermind… just figured it out!