Elite Realaxiom (connected w/ USB cable)

(Jon) #21

The wired trainer just showed up at Zwift HQ before New Years day.  I’ll see when I can get to it.  It shouldn’t be listed in supported devices - we definitely only support wireless Elite devices.  Sorry for the mistake on the site.  We do support the wireless version of the RealTour.

(Dan Antonelli KickCharge) #22

@jon - That would be great. From what I understand RA had more proprietary software needed to run it. I actually had to get Parallels on my MacBook Pro in order to get it to run as there was no Mac support (as far as I know). So not sure if you guys will be able to get the wired version to change resistance directly from a Mac. In my case, I only would like the resistance to change and continue to use my Quarq for power. Speaking for myself, I don’t care or really want Zwift to try and estimate power for my trainer.

(Sergei Hansmer) #23

+1 for wired Realxiom support.

(D.) #24

Just so I understand, Jon, does your comment refer to adding the wired RealAxiom or RealTour?



(Dan Antonelli KickCharge) #25

@DH MacDonald - I got your other post via email but its not shown here for some reason. Perhaps since RA responded about granting access only a few days ago, that maybe that info hadn’t made it all the way up the flagpole to the team here at Zwift. Hopefully they have what they need now.

(D.) #26

Hi Dan,

Yes, I thought that might happen–sorry for the confusion. I deleted the post once I saw Jon’s response above, which I hadn’t seen somehow. I thought I’d remove it rather than get into all that, in case it was actually moving. Sounds promising, I think! Cheers,


(Chip) #27

Go Jon! Much appreciated!


(Jon) #28

Hi guys,  I had a few hours to play with a Wired Real Axiom tonight and I successfully rode a mile or so in Zwift with variable resistance.  Good start!   It’s not ready to go out to users yet as I need a bit more info from Elite, but it’s officially going to happen at this point and most of the code is now written.

To answer a couple of the other questions, a RealTour is also on the way and I imagine we’ll support RealPower, RealTour, and newer RealAxioms (ie, ones from after 2006).

Also, I believe an OSX version will be possible but I won’t be able to try that out until later.

BTW, do any of you pair HR to it?  


(Sergei Hansmer) #29

Jon Mayfield  Wow! Super! 

I am very glad to hear it, look forward to when it will work for us! :slight_smile:


Jon,  I use HRM (polar coded) for my Wired Real Axiom, what’s the question?

(eric laurence) #30

I have both a polar strap and an ant+ one. Honestly, the ant+ is more reliable. My polar one connected to the realaxiom constantly drops out. Hopefully, once this is working, you’ll still be able to select ant+ for the hrm and still have the realaxiom used for resistance control. 

(Dan Antonelli KickCharge) #31

Awesome Jon! I use ant+ for my HRM.

Is the plan to just have Zwift change resistance and not get power from the RA? I dont know about everyone else’s experience, but when I ran RA concurrently with Quarq, the RA power numbers were always way off depending on various speeds. So my ideal would be use power from ant+ and just have Zwift change the resistance.

Thanks for all your help. Fingers crossed that OSX will work!

(Ian Wilmshurst,) #32

I have just purchased a realtour (cabled) expecting it to work. Found that it didn’t hence finding this.

Do I understand correctly that you are in the process of supporting it and if so how long may this take. I have just joined zwift too and dont want to send this back as i cant afford the new wireless version at over double the price.

(Carlos Vazquez) #33

Wow, I literally just sold my RealAxiom Wired 3 weeks ago because I never thought this could happen … you guys are swesome.

I bought a TACX Bushido so I’ll be working on setting that up soon. 

(D.) #34

Amazing, Jon… Thank you! 

I use the polar HR strap as well, and have had no problems with it. Mine is not compatible with my Wahoo ant+ one.  Would love to have power come from the RA–can’t afford the wireless trainer, let alone a power meter! :slight_smile:  I don’t mind a bit of inaccuracy, as annoying as it can be. Ability to participate is the main thing for me. Thank you again! 

(Chip) #35

Awesome Jon! I’ve had issues with RA HR and use an ANT with a separate (Garmin) bike meter but would love to see the trainer power meter drive Zwift.

(Dan McAvoy ECC) #36


That is great news!! I have a Real Tour and can’t wait to get using it on Zwift! To my surprise upon reading all these messages, it seems that there are a lot of people chomping at the bit for the wired compatibility . I do use the HR on the trainer. 

(Harri Ilves (RAW)) #37

Big thanks Jon!

I seem to have same issue as Dan A. with power metering. My Rotor Power cranks give rougly 20-50W different power numbers than RA. Therefore I trust Rotor power for “official” training data. Being it correct or incorrect, at least power will be measured with same manner as my outdoor rides.

For the same reason I quite often ride indoors with two HR belts, ANT+ for Garmin to store the “official” HR data and Polar coded belt for nice-to-have RA data.

It would be enough for me also, if Zwift could change the resistance. Anything extra would be a bonus.

(Jon) #38

With the way Zwift works you can use power meters and smart trainers together if you want, and also choose to pair ANT+ HR or the built in one.  The elite power numbers are just estimates so I’d recommend if you have a power meter you use it, and then just let the trainer control resistance. 

Sounds like a few use the coded HR feature, which I won’t be able to test. I’ll write the code but the few that use those non ANT+ straps will have to be guinea pigs for that.

Re: release timeline for this,I’ll know more in the next day or two and will post an update on here.

(Felipe Salum) #39

These are great news!!

(Chip) #40

Love Swift, LOVE this project. I’m so glad real power can still be used with RA. At least for me, RA power reports much higher than a real meter. While its relative variance from average over 7 rides was spot on (0.0% variance) compared to my Stages, it’s 101 watts higher on average. A significant appeal of Zwift is the ability to compete against others, but not if they have an unfair advantage with higher-than-actual power (making their speed higher). How about some notation next to rider names / lists and/or on their jerseys indicating riders using real power meters? Not a biggie either way because having the resistance controlled from Zwift is by far more important. Moreover, folks can always cheat by changing their actual weight. Nonetheless, an equalizer or notation would be nice… not essential.