Elite Realaxiom (connected w/ USB cable)

(Harri Ilves (RAW)) #1

Hello !

I have connect my Elite Realaxiom with the USB cable to the computer, since it is not a wireless version. For some reason Zwift was not able to find it. I suppose the it is the same story as with the wired RealTour, that only wireless Elite trainers are supported?

(Jon) #2

Sorry, yes I suppose what we really support is the Real Axiom B+, which is the wireless ANT version.   We’ll update our information to reflect that.  Elite has so many trainers, many with similar names, that there was some confusion on our end as to what was what.  Sorry about that.

(Dan Antonelli KickCharge) #3

Do you think you might plan support for the wired Real Axiom? I have that model now, but use it as a dumb trainer with Quarq power. Would be cool to continue to use Quarq but have Zwift change the resistance.

The other challenge is I’m on a Mac. Wonder if it would ever work?

(D.) #4

I would also love it if the Realaxiom Wired could be supported someday (soon?). I think the site is great and will be playing along with a speed and cadence sensor, but to actually have the resistance on the trainer change would be ideal. If it’s at all humanly possible, please and thanks! 

(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #5

I do agree it will be wonderful if Zwift will support the Realaxiom Wired version.

(Felipe Salum) #6

+1 for wired Realxiom support

(Joerg Schaefer) #7

+1 for wired Realaxiom support. Thanks!

(Dan Antonelli KickCharge) #8

Guys - I thought of a possible half-assed solution. Couldn’t we download a .fit file from one of the virtual rides and then import it into RealAxiom? Then launch RealAxiom and Zwift simultaneously? Not certain it would really marry up at all. It’s been years since I’ve even launched RealAxiom - basically use it as a dumb trainer now.

(Mads Aagaard) #9

+1 for wired Realaxiom support. Thanks!

(D.) #10

Well, team Zwift, the masses have spoken!

It would at least be good if, during climbs, the maximum speed attainable wasn’t so slow. I think the max I can reach is about 4km/hour.

Anyone else having that problem? 

(Felipe Salum) #11

Yes, everybody passes me during climbs, and I’m not that slow.

(Dan Antonelli KickCharge) #12

I’m using it as a dumb trainer. How are you guys getting Zwift to change the speed on the hills? I just use my power meter and ride that way. Maybe I missed something

(D.) #13

Nothing really changes for me. I have to manually increase the resistance to mimic the grade as best I can, but no matter how hard I pedal or the wattage I actually generate, the speed of ascent doesn’t change. Downhill, though, the speed is much more realistic (I.e. 50+ km, etc.) I do not have a power meter.   

(D.) #14

I  think if you have a power meter, this isn’t an issue. Correct? Thx. 

(Nick Stefanidakis) #15

+1 for Axiom USB support!!

(Carlos Vazquez) #16

+1 for Wired RealAxiom support.

I do like Dan’s idea of downloading a FIT file and uploading to RealAxiom. Like many I use it as a dumb trainer and simply rely on my powertap to get speed, etc on Zwift.

Hopefully Zwift and Elite can support Wired RealAxiom in the future. 

(eric laurence) #17

+2 for real axiom wired support.

(Chip) #18

+1 for wired real axiom support

(Dan McAvoy ECC) #19

+1 more for the wired use compatibility.  Would save me a lot and I really want to use zwift. 

(Nick Foster) #20

I just signed up looking forward to using Zwift - and find my wired realtour is not supported - despite being listed still in supported devices. Any progress on this?