Elite Real Turbo Muin + iOS


I’m trying to use an Elite Real Turbo Muin (2015) with iOS and understand that resistance control (ERG mode) for smart trainers isn’t supported over ANT+ on iOS.

Has anyone had any success using the NPE CABLE to make their Turbo Muin controllable?


Thank you

Hi there,

As per the article you linked in your post, the NPE Cable will work for bridging ANT+ to iOS, “the exception being that you cannot get controlled resistance from a smart trainer.”

If any members of the community have had any measure of success achieving controllable resistance from smart trainers when using the NPE Cable to bridge ANT+ to iOS, they’ve done so in a capacity not currently supported by Zwift.

Hi Steven,

Thanks for your reply. Having raised a support ticket, one of your colleagues suggest I reach out to the forums to ask this question as they were not certain. Your answer certainly eliminates that doubt.

So, does this mean that a BLE equipped smart trainer would be required to get controlled resistance when using iOS?