Elite Real Trainer Support

Hi all,

I know that there is stated to be support for Elite Real trainers, is this going to be the Elite Real range? ie Tour, Axiom, Power and Turbo Muin or just one specific device in the range?

The reason I ask is that I am looking at either the Axiom or Tour as my next trainer specifically because the are in my price range and they are quiet, something that is very important (newborn and Queenslander style home).

If there is another smart trainer that anyone can recommend that is as quiet at the Real range then not an issue.

The entire range should work, however the devices we have in the office are the Real Axiom and Real Turbo Muin so those are guaranteed to work once the feature is released (very soon now).  The devices we don’t have will probably still work, however an end user will be the first person to try it out. 

Thanks for the quick reply Jon, much appreciated

Many thanks for the answer Jon Mayfield.


I habe the Elite Real Tour Ant+, in case you need to make some test, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m really want to push Zwift with the Elite Smart Trainer.



@J Gonzi how quiet is your Real Tour? is the reduction in sound and vibration good with the gel roller?

It is quiet… I used an used GP4000S before and now a Elite Roller Rubber, which it is very quiet. Also you must think that I come from an old TACX with 15 years.

May I interrupt for a sec ,because I have some first hand things with RealTour, and now switched to RTM. So the noise is the same compared the other trainers in that price range. And form my experience I strongly advice you to use specific trainer tyres, because the regular road ones will you destroy in 1k kms or less, if you are unlucky. Basically you will burn them an at the place where the two compound merges they will split.

If you want real noise reduction you have to use the RTM from the Elite range which is truly unbelievably quieter than the classic trainers, howerev it’d 3 times more expensive. After they introduce the Zwift compatibility it will be one of the best offers in the market (From my pov better than kickr)

Any update on Zwift compatibility with Real Turbo Muin, please.


And in case anyone wants confirmation - the RTM is very very quiet.

… but the Elite software is very very poor.

Good news - we introduced support for the Elite Real series that connect wirelessly via ANT in last week’s release (USB versions are not supported).

I’m looking at Elite Real Turbo Muin vs Cyclops ProBeam. Has anyone used both with Zwift? I am thinking the Elite may be more compatible with Zwift in the longrun. Thoughts?


i have the RTM, done some laps with RTM paired to power and RTM as smart trainer while power paired to my power meter. on both scenario, they are quite close in terms of av power. the resistance timing is good for a start. only complain is lack of resistance when sprinting. have submitted a ticket and was informed by Eric Min to expect an update in 2 weeks. 

RTM definitely worth considering as it is direct drive and very quiet and i have used the regular turbo muin prior and had no problems at all. it is also maintenance free. very solid product, but dont waste your time trying to use their REAL software. The good news is elite real trainers are finally getting support from third party software i.e. Zwift, kinomap and soon TR