Elite Qubo Fluid - Power curve at which temperature of fluid?

(Tom Opdam) #1

Hi all, 

I am using an Elite Qubo Fluid trainer in the classic speed/cadence set up.
I was wondering if someone could tell me how the zPower curve for this trainer is determined.
There seems to be quite a significant difference in resistance between the start of a training and after ca. 20 min. of cycling. With more resistance at the start (fluid still ‘cold’, at room temperature) and less resistance after warm up (fluid has become hotter, and therefore less viscous).
So my question is, at which temperature is the power curve of this trainer determined? Or, if that is too specific, should i trust the wattage at the beginning of the training or later on when the fluid has been heated?

Many thanks, Tom

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(Stepan Bouda) #3

See by yourself - the Elite fluid roller is 100W off after 45min workout, I guess due to lower friction when the fluid heats up.

(Tom Opdam) #4

Thanks Stepan!

Very insightful, kind of agrees with what my legs told me, although I was hoping that I was getting stronger and stronger after 45 minutes.

(Stepan Bouda) #5

Exactly. I was surprised how I nailed down my long FTP rides … well, back to the Suffercave I guess :smiley: