Elite Qubo Digital

(Carl Hickton) #1


I have an Elite Qubo Digital (http://elite-it.com/en/products/trainers/indoor-trainers/qubo-digital) it has a power meter build in.

I know it is currently not supported, but i was wondering if it was possible for me to do any thing to assist in getting this trainer supported, Like recording any raw data from the trainer via ant+ ? or anything like that?

In knowndevices.xml the trainer is displayed as “[0] [7972453] UNKNOWN Speed/Cadence 42597”

Or is there a good resistant setting that i should use? right not i just move the resistance up and down to get the power to be the same as on zwift



(Nick Strugnell) #2

I think that this is essentially the same resistance unit as the Elite Force Mag, however it has 16 resistance levels rather than 8. For the Elite a Force Mag, Zwift recommend Resistance L3 so I have simply doubled this to 6 for the Qubo Digital, however this actually seems pretty stiff. 

Zwift ft have said this trainer will never be supported as it uses proprietary ANT+ encoding (although they don’t say why they can’t work with Elite to get access to the API as TrainerRoad have). It could of course simply be used as a Classic Trainer in resistance mode but would need the power and acceleration curve to be measured. 

(Danilo Bernardini) #3

 i have a news coming from  Elite   R&D: later in december there will be a release of a new firmware for the Qubo Digital that  will open the protocol and will become same as the Qubo digital Smart. When the update is done, the small console   cannot be used anymore and you can use other SW  in order to control  the resistance



(Nick Strugnell) #4

That’s great news if the firmware update can be applied to older Qubo Digital trainers and is not just for the new SMART B+. I don’t use the head unit anyway, I just control it from my phone.

(Nick Strugnell) #5

I found this: http://www.elite-it.com/en/news/digital-hometrainers but I don’t see any ‘firmware upgradeable’ sticker on my resistance unit so I think I’m out of luck :frowning:

(Andrew Creer) #6

Will this include the Qubo Digital Wireless too I wonder.

(Raymond Connor (wbr)) #7

did we find out if the Qubo Digital Wireless was included.  i have looked and can’t seem to see anything.  has anyone spoken to tech support for both elite and zwift to get them to talk and include the trainer

(Raymond Connor (wbr)) #8



@Zwift  guy’s i have spoken to Elite and they are happy to send you the code, API what ever it is for this turbo if you ask.  i can pass you the name of the nice guy i spoke to if you want



(Claudio Pozzi) #9

Well done Raymong, this is what i call user-generated value.

I’ll advise you to write directly to Zwift Support, otherwise in the blog doesnt get noticed.


(ian bromwic) #10

Hi guys, 

Does anyone know if there is an update on this? 

Has anyone get the ‘elite quote wireless digital trainer’ working on Zwift?

Many thanks 

(Raymond Connor (wbr)) #11

HI Ian


will never happen for the older versions of the wireless turbo (i have this) as it runs ANT not ANT+ so Zwift will not support it.  however if you have a later model you should be able to upgrade it to a firmware version that will be supported.


if you have a model that can be upgraded it will have a silver sticker on it saying firmware up-datable.  if your still unsure drop elite support a mail with your serial number and they will let you know and send you the firmware.



(ian bromwic) #12

Many thanks for your comments Ray. 



(Roy brooksbank) #13

Hi guys

has anyone managed to get the update and install it yet?

My digital wireless has the firmware upgradable sticker on it I would love to update mine so I could make the most of it on zwift.

(Steve TaverneseZBR) #14

Hi Roy


I’ve the elite qubo and have tested the beta version of the software.  Connects with Zwift as a powermeter & records RPM but am struggling with the MPH/KPH recording.  If that works then yes v v good

(Roy brooksbank) #15

Hi Steve

i managed to get the software and update my trainer Friday .

im not so sure how successfully it loaded on tho! 

Power and speed seem to be out on mine at 150 watts I’m working real hard.ive Bly had one ride so let’s see if it improves .

did you find the resistance changes with the terrain ?