Elite Qubo Digital Wireless

(olivier salmon (EvoTri)) #1



I have an Elite Qubo Digital Wireless, which I believe is ANT compatible (as said on the sticker of the trainer!).

I’ve just bought a Garmin USB ANT+ dongle and tried to connect my turbo trainer to Zwift. It didn’t work.

My laptop was next to the turbo trainer, about 10 cm from the electronic unit. I had my heart monitor as well, which was detected by the Zwift software, so the ANT+ dongle is out of the question here, it does work.

From the compatibility list, Zwift should work, unless I’m mistaken.

Has anyone come across such issue? And if so, how was it resolved?

Thank you

(Renzo Chelazzi Team Gulliver viareggio) #2

Hallo good evening. I have a friend with the same problem. Did you find the solution? I do not see any comment here. May be the trainer is not compatible?


(Hussain Alhelli) #3

I think your device is compatible with ANT which is deferent than ANT+ 

  • Elite Qubo Digital: Transmits on ANT, not ANT+