elite qubo digital smart b+ high power readings

(Chris Store) #1

I’ve just started using this trainer and although it seems to work changing resistance the power readings seem to be very high for my ability, I’ve checked my weight and that is right on my profile, I’ve noticed in the elite my e-training app there are 3 values that relate to how the resistance of the trainer behaves (p1,p2,p3), i haven’t changed these from default but I’m wondering if zwift also uses these values? one other question that may relate when i start up swift and pair the trainer under controllable trainer it just says ant+ trainer not the actual trainer make and model which zwift would need to adjust the resistance properly i guess? any help would be greatly appreciated…!

(Rik Brouwer) #2

Same problem here: my power readings are also to high with the elite qubo digital smart…therefore group rides are not possible. 

(john ottiwell) #3

i appear to have the same issue. I’ve no power meter to compare to, however i’ve been using a tacx cycleforce excel (lcd screen, no zwift link) for a few months, upgraded to the qubo digital smart b+ today with zwift, my initial reaction is that the power is very high (unlocked the 900w achievement without much effort). a non-scientific test against the elite app feels to me like i have to put a lot more effort in on that app.

(Jonas Lundin) #4

Same here!

(Rik Brouwer) #5

I discussed the matter with Elite yesterday and they told me the Zwift software doesn’t calibrate with the calibration in MyEtraining from Elite. Also in Dutch fora others have the same issue with the Elite Qubo digital. A pitty because it’s the most value for money VR trainer here. Trainingsroad works correctly but doesn’t have the same "game " options as Zwift. 

(john ottiwell) #6

Rik, can I ask have you raised this with Zwift support yet? If not I’m happy to, I’ll reference this thread

(Rik Brouwer) #7

Hi John,

I raised the question but doesn’t hurt if you specify your issue also, certainly because you have have a reference to Tacx

(Chris Store) #8

Agree completely you have to work harder on the elite app compared to zwift, all I got out of elite was a graph showing the maximum and minimum power curves of the trainer but if zwift doesn’t recognise any change in calibration then I guess it’s pointless doing it? I’m struggling to see how zwift can adjust the resistance correctly or calculate power if the actual make and model of the trainer isn’t recognised as surely you would need the power curves specific to it to get those right? Think it may be time to return it and try something different

(Rich Whalley) #9

I have the same issue. Just purchased the Qubo smart and started using the Zwift trial but noticed was flying past everyone and managing 330-360watts whereas my club mate who has the neo and I know is as fit if not fitter than me holds 270-300w around the Richmond course which seems more realistic.

(Colin Smith KISS (B)) #10

I had similar experience with my Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+.  It reads about 70w or 27% higher power than either my Tacx Vortex or my Strava estimated power outdoors.  I contacted Elite support about this issue and they pointed me to this PDF(https://elitesrl.zendesk.com/attachments/token/fE6hUWFrVWvwnkoVMSZbD1sbg/?name=Upgrade_procedure_to_ANT+FE-C_eng_2+%282%29.pdf, ignore the firware update; Qubo Digital Smart B+ already has ANT+FE-C support)  which links to a calibration windows app that apparently will let you calibrate to a power meter and then write the calibrated P1, P2 and P3 values to the firmware.  

Unfortunately I don’t have a power meter, but if anyone does, could you please post back with the updated P1, P2 and P3 values after the calibration process described in the PDF above?




(David Milner) #11

+1 for gratitude to anyone who can share the correct P1, P2 and P3 values as measured against a power meter.

Assuming they will be more valid for the trainer when used with a different bike (and rider of different weight) than the figures the trainer produces now…

(Chris Shambrook) #12

Have only used my Qubo with Zwift, but the numbers I knock out seem to be 20-30% higher than I think I’m capable of. Reliability is good, validity is suspect! Glad to see Zwift are looking into it… I’d love to have valid and reliable power data.

(john ottiwell) #13

I raised the issue with zwift last month and they asked me for a log file which ive sent, and it’s now been 1 month do i’m chasing up for a response.

i’ve noticed another issue as well, in workout mode, if i try and hit a target power for an interval i’ll often fail as the resistance on the trainer doesn’t increase quickly and the power falls short for a few seconds. for example tonight doing the “jons …” 30 minute session there are several 10 second intervals of 700+ watts, as soon as the interval begins (or for 10 seconds before) i’ll raise the cadence and try and increase the power but because the trainer doesnt react quick enough i only get the right power for the last couple of seconds, is anyone else finding this?

(Jim Colville (BWV Scotland)) #14

John, regarding the lag with power increase, there is a review by DC Rainmaker on the Qubo that might explain the lag…

“Though, when doing vast shifts in power (i.e. 100w to 450w, it’s a bit slower to change than some trainers that cost $500 more, about 1s per 50w of power shift).  Again, tradeoffs.”

Here is the link to the full article…



Hope this helps?





(john ottiwell) #15

Jim - thanks that lines up with what I’m experiencing, so I’ll live with that issue. I’m really starting to think I should have bought the vortex smart. 

(Jim Colville (BWV Scotland)) #16

John, I’m sure they all have their little “quirks” that will annoy/irritate you in some way! I gave up trying to get the perfect set up…I just find it an improvement on rollers with speed & cadence sensors!

(X BugsBunny) #17

Qubo Digital Smart B+

P1 = 172
P2 = 190
P3 = 155

measured with a power2max Powermeter

First Test … Nice … longer text tonight …

(Aguaverde Penkes) #18

Hello, yesterday received this roll and I have to test the difference w with the PowerTap that I have installed , as I have commented results …

(David Milner) #19

Thanks, N.K.

I recall the Qubo’s non-smart predecessors, which had a similar sort of frame, and which were advertised with the claim that resistance varied according to the rider’s weight.

That being so, I would assume that resistance on the Qubo may also vary according to the rider’s weight.

If you don’t mind my asking, how much do you weigh?

(Aguaverde Penkes) #20

weight 67 kg , yes, I 've seen in forums comments about the difference in weight of the rider and the position on the bike , docked on the bike. But the gap is very large in these cases are discussed . I’ll try tonight to see if I find something more