Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ Flat Resistance is Off

Hi matt… is this a current issue? Mine is really hard. Im not able to maitain 185W for more than 5 minutes. It feels like a going up 4% for this time. RPM no more than 60. I have the elite qubo b+ bluetoofh on my windows. (for ANT+ i must ahve a dungle right)?

Thank you!!!

Me too …
It worked Ok since 2 years, today gives crazy high power and speed numbers.
Updating p1,p2,p3 in myetraining does not help.
I installed the new “Upgrado” iphone app, which says I’m on latest FW…
Same crazy behavior on BT and ANT+

Any hints appreciated.


Same problem here.
When I push on pedals with my hands, I have 20 000 wats in Zwift.
Also my bike cant’s slow down properly, won’t stop by few hundreds meters.
Any suggestions?


HI there, did you fix the issue with the Elite Qubo Digital smart ?



Hello !
Just start to use Zwift since 4 days and I have the same problems discribe with Qubo Elite Digital Smart B+.
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Same issue here on the same device any help much appreciated.

I can get more w/kggoing up hill than on the flat even though my cadence and effort remains the same. Struggling to get more than 140wt on the flat :frowning:

I have the same problem. The resistance just got killed this morning and I achieved 2 polka dot jersey.


Had same issue mid ride 2 days ago. FTP jumped to some stupid number like over 700. Now after numerous disconnects, reboots, delete and reconnects and hours trying still getting no resistance. Bloody frustrating @ZWIFT

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The same thing happened to met

Have you been able to solve something?

The resistance was back yesterday. I am connecting thru ANT+. Make sure Power Source, Cadence & Controllable are all pair to FE-C. Don’t to connect the power & cadence to somewhere else.
The power reading is still out. I am trying to calibrate it now since I am a power meter on my bike.
This video explain how to calibrate. - YouTube

Thanks you. I calibrate from Qubo Quick Calibration Procedure — Inside Ride . I’ll do what you tell me

Thanks a lot. The site is really helpful. I am going to try it again with zwift tomorrow & calibrate again till I get it close. Will update the progress again.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress … this afternoon I’ll get on with it.

Hi, I managed to get the resistance to work well again today following the same procedure thru ANT+.

  1. Unpair everything when the connection (Paired Devices) page come up.
  2. Pair the “Power Source” first with FE-C
  3. Automatically, the “Cadence” & “Controllable” should also paired with FE-C
  4. I stay on this page & start pedaling. The “Power Source-Watt” & “Cadence-rpm” should start changing when you pedal. If they never change, means that the connection is incorrect. Then repeat Step 1 again.

I also calibrated my P1, P2, P3 using the myETraining app under the section “Advanced configuration”.

Everything work great today. Resistance is working, Power Reading on zwift is closer to the actual power meter reading. I am happy with the result today.

Will continue to monitor.

I use a Macbook and Compagnon on iPhone5 with Bluetooth (French-Alsace).
Just like the other days, the resistance is ok since 7-8 minutes then I lose it (blutooth…wifi ???) . I try everything you have post the last 8 days. I’ve already ask to Elite ask to me to (photos)

I have order a Ant+ 3 meter cable by Zwift so I wait the delivery to try with my Ant+ key.
Just be disaponting because it work sometimes a few minutes and then nothing at all…

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Thanks friend. I did everything as you explain … but it remains the same. My problem is another. Good luck and kilometers.


Hi friend. Can you include all the images? I think that is my problem.

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Hi Salvador,

there is nothing more than photo showing where using the screwdriver


Best regards


Thanks you very much!

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