Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ Flat Resistance is Off


(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #42

Dont Elite have a program that you can use to test? I have used Elite “REAL” for many years, runs on windows and i think ios

(Kala Notton (Angmering CC)) #43

It my etraining for the qubo and needs a subscription. I did check on the ‘real’ site and couldn’t find anything. Sounds from the other queries this may be a zwift issue.

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #44

It can be a zwift issue, but it will help if you can confirm that your unit does work.

(Rich Hampshire (PACK SWEEP)) #45

This could well be the trainer. My second elite Qubo has just stopped giving resistance in the middle of a ride and the noises it makes when trying to adjust the magnet don’t sound the same as they used to this is what my first Qubo did too.

For me, I’m pretty sure I just killed my second Qubo. I certainly won’t be getting a third.

(Dorota B ) #46

From time to time I have the same problems. If there is no power I always resend map to my trainer. And it helps.

(Ron Marshall) #47

It was on a ride on Dec. 6th that my wattage jumped from around 300 watts to over 700 watts on a sprint near the end of my ride and I was riding 29 miles an hour on the same flats I was doing 20 miles an hour before and since then there has been no change in resistance on hills with inflated wattages until my son changed the P settings on it and now on hills my speed drops to 6 miles an hour with no resistance where I would climb the same hills at 17 -18 miles an hour with resistance so is there a fix for this coming

(Paul Hughes) #48

Was 15 miles into TdZ Stage 4 yesterday when the Qubo suddenly dropped the power output down to about 60 watts on the flat. This is about a third of my usual power reading. I finished the stage but averaged about 0.8 watts/kg. There appeared to be less resistance on the climb up the volcano at the end but the power readings seemed correct. As soon as the gradient flattened the watts took a dive down to 60 watts again. I was hoping it would have rectified itself but it hasn’t. I’ve tried resetting the P values but no joy.

This sounds like the issue others have had recently but grateful for any advice. Nearly half way through TdZ too so keen to sort this out!

Ride on (if possible)


(Will Threlfall) #49

I recently bought the Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ to replace my old manual Trainer as it was too easy to ‘not’ change the resistance.
Setup and tried my first go with it on Zwift last night and it was a terrible experience.
It took me 40 minutes to ‘complete’ 1 mile!!!
The resistance was so hard i had no more gears to change to to help make it easier.
It was registering me as doing an average of 20 watts.
As this is all new to me, I’m not actually sure what my wattage should be, but it was a difficult ride.

After reading this forum, it has made me think that there is a fault with mine also, can anyone help me on what i need to do to sort this issue?

(Ron Marshall) #50

I e-mailed Elite and found out how to check if it will work and if failing they have a 2 year warranty

(Paul Hughes) #51

No response from Zwift unfortunately despite a separate email to them about this 3 days ago.

Entering a higher value for p3 in the Elite calibration does appear to increase the wattage displayed on the flat however the resistance remains high, speed low and with no change on inclines.

Really keen to get this sorted please Zwift, already missing further TdZ stages. Please confirm whether this might be in fact a trainer issue rather than a Zwift one


(Ross Hazard) #52

As long as it’s not just me! My trainer is almost immovable at the moment (Elite qubo looks me the rest). Reported to zwift and will let you know what they say

(Bostjan Bracko) #53

Definitely is this the Zwift problem. 2 days ago I was trying Zwift, Elite app and RGT. On Elite app and RGT works fine, just on Zwift not.