Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ Flat Resistance is Off

Same for me. I was planning to buy a new one, thought my trainer was defect. A new one costs a lot of money. Can we downgrade the Zwift version and disable automatic upgrade for the time being? It’s getting colder outside, would be great if I can Zwift. Zwift support team, please help.

Same problem for me. Connected via Ant+ FE-C. Since most recent (New York) update, I get no variable resistance on hills and the reported power levels are unrealistically low on flats.

I don’t have an external power meter that I can use to objectively document how far off the calibration is on flats, but subjectively, I’d estimate that a 200 watt effort on the flats is now being reported as ~80 watts. By extension, in order to get Zwift to register 200 watts on flats requires putting out what feels more like 400+. This, of course, makes it all but impossible to ride with groups.

This is obviously impacting a lot of your paying customers. If you need more setup details to effectively troubleshoot, ask us! In the meantime, a rebate on the monthly subscription fee would be appreciated.


Hello Devs,

Please fix this ASAP. I am ready to cancel my subscription altogether as my workouts amount to no or little progress.

It is also unbelievable that no Zwift Team member has replied to this thread yet with a status update.

I will give it until 11/05/2018 then will cancel my subscription.

Thanks in advance


Not sure if it is the same issue but occasionally Zwift fails to control the resistance on my Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+. I’m running Zwift on a Windows 10 PC and connecting via Ant+. I’ve seen the problem in both ERG and SIM modes. I can fix it by re-pairing the trainer (both power and controller connections)

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So my Zwift free trial week just passed and with resistance not working it made no sense to use this software.
Time taken to fix dev problems and reply to your customers is ridiculous - glad I haven’t started paying for the subscription, I’d be even more unsatisfied.

Other softwares had absolutely no problems finding my Qubo and changing the resistance when needed, so it’s definitely the Zwift issue.

These people above pay 15$ per month and noone even bothers to reply to them.
Haven’t you, Zwift guys, heard about customer experience?
Thank you for nothing.

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Hey all, for the Elite Qubo there have not been any updates specific to this trainer, however we have a fix for a long standing Bluetooth resistance issue that may trickle into solving the Qubo’s resistance trouble:

@Marta_Wieckowska @Rob_Alley @osimakoff @Sulawesi_Santos @Gerard_Lodder @Frank_Pesch_ZRG @Jef_Reyniers @Davy_De_Dobbeleer

Hi Vincent,

I decided not wait for a fix, did not really expect this within a couple of weeks and I bought a CycleOps H2 trainer. They offered 3 months Zwift free, but I did not see this in the package. Do you know if Zwift is aware of this offering and what can we do?


Gerard Lodder

Hey Graham - could you try deleting your prefs.xml file and logging back in to Zwift? Re-pair and see if the issues persist. Please let me know if that resolves the issues or has any change.
Thanks so much!

Hi everyone,

It seems the majority of reports here are on ANT+. If you are having issues with ANT+ and the Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+, I’d like you to check a few things:

  1. Check that you are paired to the FE-C option on controllable trainer and power source.
  2. Check for any other cycling programs open at the same time. Sometimes other apps will hijack the signal away from Zwift.

If you are still having problems, please open a support request with logs from your affected rides. Please also let us know of any details on the resistance issue: non-existent, too low, too high, etc.


Same problem with my elite rampa. In the free trail period all ok and I payed for 1 month but i cant use zwift now.

I have an Elite Novo Smart. Also had issues with no resistance changes for my last two rides (yesterday and Sunday) was working fine up until that point but no amount of pairing, unpairing, pairing to the Elite app on my phone then back to Zwift on my Mac will resolve the issue.

Hello Support,

I have the same issue with most paying Zwift riders;
Same set-up using Elite qubo Smart B+, connected via ANT+.
I have varied using my own
A) Powertap source via ANT+
B) Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ via ANT+ (disconnects frequently)

I have maxed out on power (at around 160Watts) with cadence of 110 on my largest cogset.
Without the resistance, the rides are not efficient.

Please advise. Thank you,

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Hello, I have the same issue, I just acquired an Elitw qubo digital smart b+ and there is no resistance change, I am using an ipad with BLE connectivity, not ANT+.

Thank you

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Hey Radu - it looks like 2 days ago you were on an older game version. I would suggest to update that, and see if the issues persist. The latest on iOS should be 1.0.31651. Please let me know if it resolves! Thanks so much.

Hey Dex,

It sounds like you might be running into some ANT+ interference. Please check through our Support article HERE. If you continue to have issues, open a support inquiry and we can delve deeper.


Hey Alessandro -

Are you pairing via ANT+ or bluetooth? You’ll want to make sure you’re not getting any dropouts, as these could be the cause of some resistance issues.


Hi, problem solved, I was wrong to do the pairing. For power, cadence and resistance sensors, you must use Ant fe-c and not others. Thanks to the staff.

My turn!

Got a Qubo Digital B+ a few weeks ago, got Zwift about 2 weeks ago. Everything was going great and I was pulling about 180-220 watts on average.

All of a sudden at the top of a 2000M climb 2 days ago my max power was showing like 60 watts and the resistance would no longer adjust based on the gradient.

The problem persisted on my ride today. I’m pulling 60 watts and about 12 MPH on the flats. No resistance change on the uphills. Generally miserable rides.

I’m using a Bluetooth connection on an iPad.

@Zwift - any help? I can try a different app to see if it works there, but that would probably be the end of my Zwifting :slightly_frowning_face:

Continuing the discussion from Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ Flat Resistance is Off:

My Elite Intera Digital Smart B+ (same electronic guts as Qubo but different roller mechanism) has lost the ability to change resistance in accordance with the terrain in Zwift. This is all on ANT+ on a Windows computer with Power and Cadence from a PowerTap wheel and the trainer controlled by Zwift.

Power registers properly (the trainer was very spotty and inaccurate) with the Powertap and I don’t want to go to Power and Contol from/to the trainer. Is that mandatory? If so, I’m probably either going to go to Sufferfest or buy a new trainer or something. Something might even be to just return the “smart” trainer and use my old fluid trainer (since that is what it is behaving like).

I suppose I should try this all in the Elite app too.

Or is this the problem everyone else if experiencing?




Same problem, more or less, as the rest of us, though my issue is with Bluetooth. No updates from Zwift. My sufferfest trial starts tomorrow I guess.