Elite Power Fluid Ritmo

(Chris FIGHTMS WBR C) #1

Hi everyone. I’m fairly new to Zwift (3 rides old) and I must say that it’s an amazing training tool. However, I’m still having problems with the set up. Perhaps someone can help.

Elite Power Fluid Ritmo

Giant Ride Sense cadence and speed sensors

Suunto Ant +

My wattage and speed are outrageously high and I’ve been black flagged (flier) twice. My HR and cadence read exactly the same as my Garmin Edge 510.

The set up for the Elite Power Fluid Ritmo instructs me to use the Elite Red Roller option which I have twice. Today I used the “trainer not listed” option and the numbers were much closer to reality. Unfortunately it crashed 50 minutes into my ride.

Any advice would be appreciated.