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Hi Robert.

Yea, I always figured the cadence on the trainer was pretty much a guess-timate. Without an actual cadence sensor it couldn’t be anything else - how could it possibly know from the speed the unit was turning if you were slowly grinding a massive gear or spinning like crazy in the granny ring? 

Good comparison.





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…just read this on another thread.

“The cadence is “estimated” by measuring the “pulses” in your pedaling, i.e. the less smooth your pedaling style is, the more accurate the cadence figure comes out. This is done by the trainer and transmitted to Zwift.”


Maybe you’re super smooth in your pedalling Robert 


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haha yes, I do try and keep it constant but clearly the info from the trainers output is up and down like a fiddlers elbow :wink: It would be interesting to see other users of the Qubo smart and Novo smart pics like mine that show the cadence from the trainer. It could be just mine, but I doubt it.

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Hi all…reading all your posts above…(and others on different sites)…considering purchasing an Elite Novo Smart from Halfords.

My question…I hope to run this on my iPad (which I can see is supported)…will this work out the box and connect via Bluetooth to the trainer 

E.g…I don’t have to buy anything additional unless I wanted to

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Yes, it will Matt Jarvis. I did also use a bought cadence sensor as I really didnt like the variability and inacccuracy of the cadence from the trainer. It is somehow calculated in the trainer. It is pretty inaccurate for most of the time. Not a lot of money involved it getting a basic cadence sensor but rock steady results from it. I use Zwift all the time but it is basically in Power mode. Dont expect the resistance to change when you are going up a hill. The trainer simply isn`t that “smart” (not in my experience, anyway) I use the Ipad Air all the time now. Fully Smart trainers are a lot more expensive. I have found my Novo Smart to be very good and while it has the drawback of not changing resistance with inclines it performs very well otherwise. I lost a stone in two months with no change to diet at all. That may not sound a lot but got me back to the weight I was at 20 years old. I was doing 20 miles a day for 5 days of every week. It improved my fitness dramatically.

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Great thanks Robert…perfect…been difficult to try and locate a definitive answer like yours :-) 

Ok…so seems pretty straight forward to add your own cadence sensor (set it up in Zwift) which I guess will then bypass the trainer’s own Cadence detection.

I’ve only started road biking about 3 months ago, averaging about 3 rides a week approx 20-25 miles…been improving each week and really enjoying it…conscious that with Autumn/Winter coming up…need something to keep me going when the UK weather gets wetter and darker and colder.

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Yes, it is simple enough, your Ipad should discover it fine. Its advisable to give the pedals a spin as it may not transmit data if you dont. You can then select it instead of the trainer cadence vague approximation ;) Once you get into it, it really is addictive and if like me you suffer from depression, it can make a big difference to your mood. Gets those endorphins moving :wink:

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That`s the one I am using, I also use a Coospo heart rate monitor which is great as well. You can track your heart rate as well.