elite novo smart

(Robert Jones) #41

Got a working setup with Ant+ control. I run Zwift on my 64 bit Windows PC. Found a good app with low latency to mirror the screen to my Amazon Fire TV box called AirPlay/DLNA Receiver Pro (£4) and from there to the big screen TV. Downloaded the PC sender from waxrain.com and good to go. The app will do a whole lot of other stuff as well. I did try other similar aps but the latency was bad, lots of video stuttering on the big screen TV. The latency is not perfect, but there is a minimum of stutter on the telly. Im happy with it and its good to be able to use this trainer with Ant + . Seems to be a big improvement. Cadence is still all over the place but have changed the cadence signal source to the Coospo cadence/speed device and it is spot on for cadence now. More fiddling required to optimise the TV picture but just about there with it all now :slight_smile:


(Robert Jones) #42

What are you matching the trainer up with on the “pairing” part Nigel?

(Hamish Mcghie) #43

Like a number of people on here I have the Novo from Halfords and appear to have an issue with the resistance. I am set up with an ANT + on an Apple lap top. Trainer is connected with Bluetooth for speed and resistance and I have a separate Garmin cadence sensor and HR monitor using the ANT+. Cadence is fine but until hit the larger hills resistance means that I just spin out.

Has someone come up with a solution for this?

(Robert Jones) #44

Hi Hamish, not sure how the Mac connects but my set up with the PC looks like this. Like you I use different sensors for cadence and heart rate. I find a separate sensor for cadence gives me a stable cadence. I was finding that the cadence reading from the trainer was very erratic. I don’t think it makes a lot of difference if you do use the trainers cadence figures instead. There are other options that come from the trainer when you pair with Zwift. I am trying to stick with this so that I can make some firm opinions as to how I am doing. Its a bit of an ongoing saga :wink: I should state that I am new to cycling (certainly for the last 4 decades :wink:

When you say that you just spin out, you should slow massively when you hit a steep incline but I`m sure you know that anyway.

Do you use a power meter?, beyond my budget. I assumed that Zwift would take care of that as it is advertised with Halfords as Zwift compatible. The trainer review that they used is not the same model although it is supposed to be similar.


I suppose what I am saying is that the only power readings I can use are my own personal ones in comparison with similar rides I have made in the past. Numerically, it is difficult to get calibrated with the ap without power meters/pedals etc, unfortunately, the cost of them is upwards of twice the cost of the trainer.


(Hamish Mcghie) #45

I’m exactly the same as you Robert in set up. everything seems to be working but just don’t seem to get the resistance that I would expect.Only have to use 3 gears on my bike even when climbing up to 10% so something not right. still get a work out but not as hard or realistic as id like


(Ed Sykes 2441) #46

Hi Hamish. Are you connecting to the Power Source on the trainer via Bluetooth or ANT+?

(Robert Jones) #47

This has been going on for years by the look of it. It is reported that the Novo Smart is heavily based on the Qubo which had major problems calibrating without a separate power meter, still unsolved for 2 or three years. The control unit on the Qubo looks identical but with different colours. Im not looking for exact calibration, within 10% would be acceptable. Elite seems to be a pretty big company, its time they got their act together. The screenshot is from Halfords 5 minutes ago. If you have Chrome, it zooms up ok.

(Hamish Mcghie) #48

Ed, It makes no difference whether I am connected by ANT+ or bluetooth.  Robert, what do you mean by if you have Chrome, it zooms up ok? to be honest I just went straight to Zwift when I bought the unit and then tried my training the other night. it appears the turbo is exactly the same in terms of its lack of resistence. Is that your experience as well? thinking about sending the turbo back


(Ed Sykes 2441) #49

Oh. That’s strange then. With mine when connected with bluetooth (as Qubo110) the ‘flat’ resistance was very low (probably the trainers lowest setting) so I only felt the resistance on the hills. When connecting over ANT+ (as Elite PWR) the ‘flat’ resistance was greater (prob around the midddle setting on the trainer) meaning it had the full range to adjust for downhill and uphill properly.



(Robert Jones) #50

Was talking about the screenshot Hamish (zoom). Yes, that is my experience as well,not enough resistance as well. In the toughest gear, I cannot get enough power into it when flat out when peddling like Road Runner. There is a post here somewhere (not this thread) that quotes Zwift as saying that the app only increases resistance for inclines, so without reasonably accurate calibration we are probably pishing in the wind hoping for an accurate experience. I should add that I am a 66 year old returning to cycling. 

(Brett Harding) #51


There is a new update listed on the Zwift Support “What’s New” page (posted yesterday) which I’m hoping will  improve the resistance issues we have been having with the Novo Smart (when paired over Bluetooth). Please see -


One of the updates listed is:

  • “Improved resistance feel of Qubo Digital Smart B+ trainer”

I believe the update has been send out to PC users, but for iOS users, “the iOS and Apple TV versions will be available later this week once they get approved through the App Store.”

I’m really looking forward to seeing if this update will finally solve the issues we have been experiencing. This is what we have been waiting for! Fingers crossed!



(Robert Jones) #52

I`m hoping this will also help the Elite Novo Smart which I believe has the same board. Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

(Brett Harding) #53


The above update is out on iOS…

Zwift updates to Version 1.0.24186 (which contains the QB Smart B+ resistance update - and, by implication, hopefully, sorts out the same issue with the Novo Smart).

I don’t have time to test it today, as about to go outdoors on a proper ride! If anyone does the update and goes for a ride on Zwift today (via bluetooth), let us know how you get on?!


(Robert Jones) #54

My Ipad is not showing any Zwift update and I am still on 1.0.23776, hopefully, this next week?

(Brett Harding) #55

The update wasn’t indicated on the Zwift app icon. I had to go into the App Store and update it manually. Try that and see?

(Robert Jones) #56

Its a bit odd, when I go to Istore it does not offer update and no option to install, Ill persevere and see if I can get your method to work. I`m getting the version off the “go ride” page. Maybe they are having a gradual roll out to prevent their servers from melting :wink:


(Robert Jones) #57

Okayyyyyyyyy, had to uninstall Zwift on my Ipad and install the new version. Getting a big resistance difference, too much. The main reason for that is that I changed the P1,P2 and P3 settings on the Myetraining website calibration in a search for some more resistance which did work. (Just to confirm to any Qubo/Novo users that it does remember the values that you put in now after a recent update). So now going to go back to original P1 etc settings and try it again. Ipad is just about flat now so I`ll give it a chance to recharge and will update here when I do.

(Robert Jones) #58

Okay, reset my Novo Smart Trainer to defaults for P1, P2 and P3 which were 166, 186 and 158. Previously with those settings, I could not pedal fast enough to get the trainer in the red box for P3. It is now achievable without too much distress. The new calibration figures came out as 167, 178 and 154. I`m not sure if Elite have done something to the calibration setup, it does seem like it.

The update from Zwift has certainly added resistance. I have read elsewhere that the Qubo and the Novo both use the same board and software. I used the PC ap for this as I was using it to calibrate the trainer. It was only 7 miles, but it was certainly harder to do. Before (with my own settings for P1,P2 and P3) I was doing a mile in about  2 minutes 50. I am well over the 3 minutes now, about 3 minutes 15 but the training seems better (but not as much fun :wink: So, at last, a basis to work with. I am still certainly almost flat out (cadence) in my sprints but it is harder, adding a couple of seconds to my times for a 0.2 mile sprint. I should add that I am 67 and relatively fit, but only cycling on Zwift for about 3 months. The “difficulty” slider seems to work well on the inclines.

I will give it a run on the Ipad maybe tomorrow and see if there is any significant difference in figures with bluetooth (today was all Ant+) setup and report back.

(Ed Sykes 2441) #59

Tried it over Bluetooth last night - seems a good fix. Comparable to ANT+ readings.

(Robert Jones) #60

The difference between the calculated cadence of the trainer and a standalone cadence sensor. The Elite Novo Smart cadence is horrendous, it may be just my particular trainer but I have seen others complain about this. I base a lot of my fitness training on cadence. The Coospo speed/cadence sensor is head and shoulders above the “smart” option (blue line on pics).