elite novo smart

(Ed Sykes 2441) #21

How accurate do you think the power readings are from the Novo Smart?

I’m currently averaging about 3.5w/kg and my FTP after a fast 45min race recently bumped up to 273 (4.3w/kg) which, although I’m relatively fit, all sounds very flattering.

The power readings are the same over BLE or ANT+

Wondering if anybody has calibrated/compared the readings with a power meter?

(Brett Harding) #22

I don’t have a power meter I’m afraid, but I was wondering if the fluctuating cadence at high RPMs on the flats can adversely influence the power calculations…? It’s totally subjective, but the same watts on flats seems easier to produce than on the hills?! I suppose a HRM would be able to tell me for sure…

Ed, is your FTP the same when tested on the Elite My E training app? 

You would think that, out-of-the-box, the unit should be there or thereabouts with regards to accuracy, and that drastic inaccuracies shouldn’t really occur?

Hey, you might just be a lot fitter than you thought :slight_smile:

(Robert Jones) #23

Being pretty new to this, the power seems to be under reported in my case on Zwift, 400W is impossible for me for more than about 15 or 20 seconds. I am 66 but I am also relatively fit and it really doesn`t seem right to me. I am ignoring it to a certain extent by lowering the targets in some of the pre programmed workouts. Same for me with the cadence, pretty wild fluctuations when I am being extra careful to keep it constant. Often worse than 20% in my case, upwards and downwards. I think I need to be buying something to put on the pedal stem and read it that way. The Elite ap does seem to be closer to what I would expect though. The cadence fluctuations do seem to be a common complaint from people using the Novo Smart.

(Nigel Crawford N.Ir) #24

Hi im new to the Zwift thing but I can’t figger it out. I to have a elite novo smart as one of you were saying you feel like road runner my legs are going flat out to go anywere.then I hit a hill of 3to 4 %

(Nigel Crawford N.Ir) #25

I am doing 5 mph up it. To me its not realistic has anyone any advice.

(Robert Jones) #26

Hi Nigel, I could not get a realistic feel to speed and power. What I would advise if you haven`t already done it is to do one of the preset rides or training sessions. It does seem to be more realistic when doing that. I use ERG mode when I can. I have my bike set up for maximum speed (big cog for pedals, smallest cog for the wheel). I am on an old bike and the gears are pretty messed up so I dont have to change gear with ERG mode. Another thing I have done is to buy a speed and cadence sensor which can override the cadence and speed from the Novo Smart. The way the cadence sensor was up and down all the time and very erratic was doing my head in. I bought this one Coospo Bike Speed Cadence Sensor, Bluetooth Ant+. The cadence is rock steady from it, not expensive, about £20 or $25 from Amazon. Works very well. Hope this has been some help, support for this model on Zwift is not great at the moment. I am using an Ipad and mirroring it to my large screen TV.


(Nigel Crawford N.Ir) #27

Thanks for your help Robert. I think I’ll have to go the same way as you it is doing my head in at min spinning away and going nowhere.

(Ed Sykes 2441) #28

Hi Nigel.

Are you connecting using Bluetooth? I had problems with low resistance and spinning out my hardest gear when connected through Bluetooth. It’s a problem with the Zwift BLE protocol for the Novo Smart.

Try connecting with ANT+ if poss - solved it for me.



(Robert Jones) #29

Hi Ed, I have an Ant+ dongle coming soon myself, looking forward to trying it. Wasnt prepared to pay the price with most retailers. Mine is about £7. In the meantime, I am using the separate Bluetooth Coolspo speed and cadence sensor. A workaround I have found is to vary the size of the wheel to give a more realistic experience with the Coolspo device. Its giving me rock steady cadence (unlike the built-in cadence of the Novo Smart) It`s a personal opinion, but I cant see how the setup as it is cant be severely affected by a cadence reading that is all over the place. It really is time they sorted this smart trainer out. Is the cadence more stable with the Ant+ setup? The speed sensor is the Coolspo and it then asks you for the trainer model which picked up the Power Mag and it works fine. Seems a reasonable experience and comparable to the mid-range riders on Zwift with sensible figures for sprints and climbs.

Fiddling with the tyre size (upwards by an inch 26 to 27 inch) changed my time from 20 seconds to around 15 seconds on The Mall Sprint Forward(London)

 I am not really interested in total accuracy. Its a "ballpark" setup but it gives me ability to monitor progress in all departments when using the same tyre size. If it becomes unusable with progress in my fitness, Ill just adjust the tyre size or hopefully the Ant+ dongle will sort everything out.


(Ed Sykes 2441) #30

Hi Rob

I always thought the cadence reading on the Novo was an estimate based on the power output and speed anyway - I’m pretty sure I read this somewhere, and would make sense as there’s no cadence meter on the trainer. Although I think these estimates have been more steady on ANT+.

To be honest I’m not overly fussed how accurate the cadence reading is, I think I kind of have a feel for what cadence I’m riding at and base it on that - I’m more likely to look at the power reading and maintain that at a cadence that is comfortable. 

I hope things are better for you with the ANT+ dongle - let us know…



(Nigel Crawford N.Ir) #31

Hi Ed
I have orderd an ANT+ don and a speed and cadence sensor so hopefully I’LL get it sorted.
Thanks for your help.

(Robert Jones) #32

Hi Ed, Yes, me too, about 90 seems to suit me. The cadence the way it is now, is just about useless in my case with the novo only setup, pretty wild variations. Its not just me, it seems to be a common complaint. Hopefully, it doesnt play any part in the calculations done by the trainer to adjust the power. The important thing for me now is that I have a stable system. Everything happens when it should, you can feel every degree of incline with the power from the trainer. It will be interesting to compare everything when I have the Ant+ setup in a few days. I`m 66, I can only get up to about 150 cadence at the best of times :wink: Out of the box, the trainer was useless.

(Nigel Crawford N.Ir) #33

I bought the ANT+ dongel from ebay £9.50 its working like a dream know thanks for your help Ed and Rob.

(Robert Jones) #34

That`s good news Nigel, what are you running Zwift on? My dongle came today but Ant+ only seems to work on my PC. I dont have an Iphone, but I am using an Ipad to run Zwift on with the bluetooth.

(Nigel Crawford N.Ir) #35

I’m running it on a laptop. Then when the select source menu I picked the trainer on the power source,cadence and resistance settings.

(Robert Jones) #36

Cheers Nigel, Ive got a couple of Windows netbooks here, Ill give them a try. At the moment I`m running Zwift on an Ipad and mirroring it to a big telly.

(Ed Sykes 2441) #37

Glad to hear it Nigel. Thanks

(Nigel Crawford N.Ir) #38

Its great no more road runner lol

(Robert Jones) #39

Just tried it on the first netbook but it has to be 64 bit, Zwift wont work with 32 bit windows grrrrrrrrrrr.  I think the other one will be too slow. Does anyone know if you can mirror a PC display to an Amazon Fire Box or maybe an android box? It looks like I definitely need Ant+ but it is only working on my PC. The bike and setup is in the conservatory. There seem to be a lot of connection probs with all this, doin my head in :wink:

(Nigel Crawford N.Ir) #40

The Android devises don’t work on zwift. The only other way besides laptops, pcs, iPhones and ipads is Apple tv 4k it costs £180 or so to buy it goes straight to the tv but. Ant+ is only pc and laptop I think.