elite novo smart

(ashley rowland) #1

I have just bought this trainer from Halfords with the intention of using zwift but its not on the list is there something I can do to use this trainer or do I need to take it back? 

(Mr. Alpaca The Avatar) #2

Yes, pair it in the power meter section. I have aleno.

(Gareth Hanner) #3

I bought the same a couple of weeks ago from Cycle Republic (seem to be a few versions around at the moment with slightly different names). The name on the box is Elite Novo Force Smart B+ FE-C etc. The important thing for me was that it’s “2-way smart” (FE-C) so can be controlled by Zwift. The manual had a sticker on for the Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ so I’m guessing that the electronic bits are from that model and the other differences are mainly cosmetic.

As a beginner to both indoor riding and Zwift I’m very impressed with the trainer and with Zwift. For the price of the trainer right now (£180) it’s a very good deal. I set it up via the Elite app then went straight on to Zwift with very little fuss. Just ensure you pair the FE-C equipment at the start if there’s a choice. Get an ANT+ dongle if you use a PC or laptop, £15 or so from Amazon.

The power readings for me seem reasonable, maybe slightly out, but I’m not racing, just pootling around at the moment. The increase/decrease of resistance around inclines kicks in almost immediately too.

I guess it’s probably not on the list as it’s a specific model just for one retailer.


(@Zmiffy - VLC 🚴🏻‍♂️) #4

Im thinking of getting one of these Elite Novo smart trainers (from Halfords) instead of the Tacx Flow T2240. Will Zwift control the resistance using Bluetooth instead of Ant+? as i am running Zwift on my iPhone 6s and dont have an Ant+ compatible device.


(Brett Harding) #5

Hi guys.

I’m new to Zwift (on the free trial) and have bought the Elite Novo Smart - it’s a very good trainer for £180… It seems to have the chassis from the (dumb) Novo Force, but with the smart roller system from the Qudo Digital Smart B+…

That said, I have been trying to resolve resistance issues in Zwift when the trainer is paired over Bluetooth (to an IPad Mini 2). Basically, on flat roads in Zwift the trainer resistance is set far too low… E.g In my top gear (52X12) at 80rpm I am producing only 175W. On hills you can feel the resistance increase and this feels OK, it’s just the flats that seems to have an issue. Changing the “trainer resistance” setting in Zwift does not make any difference on the flats.

I have raised a support ticket, and this trainer, like the Qubo seems to have run into a problem with the Zwift BLE protocols:


I have also contacted Elite, and they have confirmed that the Novo Smart uses the same BLE pairing as the Qubo. They have also said that Zwift have implemented the BLE protocol for this trainer incorrectly. 

Zwift are hoping to release an BLE update for the Qubo soon (over the Winter), but no ETA was given to me.

So… I am going to hold on to the trainer as I think it’s really good for the money. I will keep trailing Zwift and will only sign-up if/when they get this issue sorted.

Hope this helps.

(Ed Sykes 2441) #6

Same issue as above here on Elite Novo Smart - base resistance is very low. Constantly having to ride with very high cadence on flats (52x11) and sprinting is almost impossible.

Hope this is resolved soon

(paul blair) #7

any news. same situation…


(Andrew B (Otley CC) 549813) #8

I think I am in the same situation as the above posters.

(Ed Sykes 2441) #9

I discussed this with Zwift.

I was told to try connecting with ANT+ rather than Bluetooth for the time being (not tried this as I don’t yet have ANT+ device) and that they are working on ‘a new BLE standard coming out soon’ 

Anyone connecting Novo Smart via ANT+?

(Robert Jones) #10

Same here, base resistance too low, I`m 66 but relatively fit. has anyone tried setting up with the Qubo BLE settings, does it make any difference?

(Gareth Hanner) #11

Just an update to my reply to the OP from a month ago. I’ve been using a laptop and ANT+ dongle with my Garmin HRM & Speed/Cadence sensor (for the cadence) over the last 5 weeks. Pairing the trainer with these and the FE-C device for both Power and Smart Trainer gives me a very good Zwift experience. I’ve completed around 15 rides and it’s a very good simulation of the “real world”. The gears I’m using on the bike seem in line with what I’d use on the road - sprinting and hills get tough enough for me too, flat roads appear realistic. I haven’t used Bluetooth as I don’t need to, but for those asking about ANT+ I think it’s working absolutely fine.

(Robert Jones) #12

Hi Gareth Hanner, excuse my lack of knowledge, but why do you need to buy anything extra besides a HRM? Should what you have already in the Novo smart not be enough? Can you give the bluetooth setup a try and see how it compares with your working Garmin HRM & Speed/Cadence sensor setup? Thanks for your update :slight_smile:

(Ed Sykes 2441) #13

That’s good to hear Gareth. I’ve ordered a ANT+ USB so will try that out and report back here. 


Robert, I was told by Zwift via email that…

“the way Elite’s BLE SIM mode for your trainer works is different from the ANT+ version, so our dev team has been working on improving it, and we’re aiming to release changes that will improve resistance in a future update.”


I’ll report back tomorrow with any difference using ANT+


EDIT: Sorry Robert. I realise now you were asking about the need for a cadence sensor.



(Robert Jones) #14

No problem Ed, I was also wondering how the two experiences compare between the basic setup and Gareths Garmin setup.Im guessing you need the cadence of Road Runner on the basic setup :wink: The cadence on my basic setup is up and down like a fiddler`s elbow :slight_smile:

(Gareth Hanner) #15

I already had the Garmin sensors on the bike and I know they’re accurate so always use them now. For my first couple of Zwift rides I had the Garmin running too just out of curiosity to compare the Zwift on-screen heart rate and cadence data with that on the Garmin and, as expected, they were identical. I may have read that the cadence reading from trainers wasn’t generally great before I bought the Elite so went with what I know for those readings. Unfortunately I don’t have the equipment to check the Bluetooth setup. Hope that gets resolved for you soon as the trainer seems great value.

(Robert Jones) #16

Thank you Gareth, all I am using is the bluetooth signals from the trainer and bluetooth on my Ipad and PC along with a CooSpo HRM which is bluetooth. For info to anyone else who might try the Qubo Smart possible alternative, it does work but reports about twice the speed that the original Novo smart trainer settings do. The power readings seem to be about the same, unusable low readings. If they cant update the firmware then it isn`t much of a problem, improvements in performance can be detected on a relative basis.

(Ed Sykes 2441) #17

Pleased to report that connecting using ANT+ has solved my problem. Novo Smart now connects as Elite PWR rather than QD110 and the resistance is much more realistic. 

I tested it out on the Watopia EPIC KOM and got a comparable time to my previous times, except I had to climb using more ‘realistic’ gearing ie. small ring against the increased resistance.

I could ride at my usual power output in the mid range gears rather than having to have ‘the cadence of Road Runner’ ;-).

The flats feel more like flats, the downhills more like downhills. 

And more importantly I’m left with plenty of big gears (if not the legs) for the sprints.

Happy :slight_smile:


(Robert Jones) #18

Glad to hear it Ed :slight_smile:

(Brett Harding) #19

Thanks for the update Ed, I’m glad that the ANT+ connection is working well for you and other users.

I’m stuck using an iPad Bluetooth connection for now, so hopefully Zwift will release an update for the BLE protocol soon.

What’s interesting is that your Novo Smart pairs as QD110 via BLE, but mine pairs as QB68? Anyone know why there is a difference?

I’m still enjoying Zwift and it is improving my leg speed, that’s for sure! But it would be great if this issue can be fixed so that Bluetooth Novo Smart users can get the full Zwift experience!

(Robert Jones) #20

Mine pairs up as QD248 on the Novo Smart Brett, using my Ipad. Im not sure there is much rhyme or reason on the numbers by the look of it. Im reasonably happy with it on Bluetooth. I`m a novice and also ancient :wink: . My FTP is only 143 after doing the test today but it is better than it was a couple of weeks ago when I started.