Elite Justo..Unsupported trainer

Anyone else having problem with lag/no data received on ZP? Also not getting a race report and just saying work in progress.

What’s the event ID in ZP? And what do you mean “with lag/no data” received on ZP? Change your activities to Public to get race reports.

Pretty much all activitys last 5 weeks and this is one off them (3575752) Were you set the columns in ZP you can pick Lag…

Pretty much all your activities for past 5 weeks are also private whereas before that they were public. Set them to public (going forward) and the lag number will substantially reduce as you can see with your prior public activities. The lag column is the max live update time ZP recorded, not your network lag.

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Thanks Dean, will try that now :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m having the same issue. How do you set your activities to public?

NVM I figured it out :slight_smile: