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I have purchased Elite Intéra Smart trainer form Decathlon. Even though Zwift supported trainers list doesn’t mention this model, Decathlon description said it works with Zwift… So I gave it a chance.

Sadly and well-deserved, I am ending up with 1200 watts, 500kmh speed and UH OH message. :frowning: While their Elite My Etraining app show relevant values. I don’t get it. Calibration doesn’t help. I found this “Resolved: Older Elite Trainers Give Inaccurate Readings in Zwift” topic, but I don’t think it’ll help.

What amazes me most is that I can’t find any mention of INTÉRA here in forum (as well as anywehere else on the internet :D). Am I the only one who has that model? If there is someone else - does yours work well? What Elite model do you choose from list (where -of course- Zwift doesn’t offer Intéra)?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Elite makes bespoke trainers for big brands such as Decathlon. We have never heard of this model either! It’s best to contact Elite directly on their Facebook page. 

Hi Eric, thank you for quick reply. Okok, I’ll try to conact them as well. I wisht it’ll help. :slight_smile:

I bought that trainer a week ago and it seems to work with Zwift. I don’t have any way to check the calibration (no power meter) but the numbers seem to be within the realm of possibility at least (unlike yours). I’m using an ancient macbook pro with ANT+ dongle.

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Hi to all Elite Intera users. If you look carefully into your manuals you will find out that the intera model is in fact the Novo frame with Qubo Digital Smart B+ unit. So, it works with Zwift the same way as the Qubo model (bluetooth doesn’t work properly, but ANT+ does). You can check the posts about Qubo here to find out that the problems are similar to those with Intera.

I hope this helps a bit. :wink:

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