Elite Hydro Mag resistence rating

(Daniel Szalay) #1


I’m after my first rides with Zwift and it is really amazing so far! However I have found the recommended setting 4 way too hard for my turbo which is an Elite Hydro Mag. All other Elite trainers are recommended to be set to level 3, except this one.

I just finished a 50 minute workout (SST (Short)), I have averaged around 150 watts, 28.8 km/h and I was fighting for my life at the end. Ok might have over-exaggerated this a little :slight_smile:

Any ideas or feedback on this?

(Tim Walton) #2

I have found it a tough resistance on my hydromag as well.  I’m a pretty fit club rider but have to ride with the easy pace zwift groups and struggle to keep up with them towards the end.  I wonder when they mean setting 4 they mean 2/

(Edwin Stokes) #3

I just experienced the same on setting 4. Hopefully ZWIFT will look into this.

(Mark Holland ZZRC) #4

I have found the same with my Elite Crono Hydro-Mag which was bought in early 2013.  I struggle to average much more than 130W for an hour ride and a mate who is a very similar rider to me is 10 minutes quicker up the mountain on his turbo.  I think this level must be wrong as it is killing me.

Did any of you get an answer from Zwift?  I think they have mixed up the SuperCrono Hydro-Mag with the Crono Hydro-Mag but maybe I am just weak.  I don’t want to just change the level to 3 or 2 as that would feel like cheating…

(Daniel Szalay) #5

Hey Mark,

unfortunately I did not get any response from the Zwift Team, but I can safely say that the recommended setting is wrong. This year I went from using a speed sensor to using a power meter and currently I am using it on setting 1.

I would go as far to say that the realistic recommended setting for this turbo with a speed sensor is 2. Looking at the power data I have found that after like 20 minutes I have to put out more power to hold the same cadence in the same gear. That could only mean that the resistence increases as the turbo gets warmed up.

Maybe I will do that SST (Short) workout again with the power meter to see the difference and get further proof.

Long story short, setting 4 is madness. Use 2 :wink:

(Mark Holland ZZRC) #6

Thanks Daniel.  I will try level 2.  I did try level 3 once and it felt more normal but also a bit like cheating.  Glad to know that I wasn’t wrong!  At least I haven’t been soft pedalling, the exact opposite in fact.

Are you still using the Hydro Mag setting in Zwift?  I have seen another post that seemed to imply the normal Crono (not Super) Hydro-Mag should use “Red Roller” on setting 4.

(Daniel Szalay) #7

Well with the power meter I don’t need to set which turbo I use in Zwift. This is because from the power perspective it does not matter which setting I use on the turbo. I could also use setting 5, I would just need to use a lot lower gear to get the same power output.

As a personal preference I am using setting 1 with the power meter. In this setting I have to be between 80-110 rpm and higher gears to have good power output and it feels like time trialing riding on the flat :slight_smile:

(Mark Holland ZZRC) #8

Of course.  Not thinking.  Level 2 it is unless Zwift Support confirm it is the Red Roller.

(Tim Walton) #9

Further to my previous post re: my elite crono hydromag, I’ve sold mine for a wahoo kickr and the difference is remarkable.  The kickr lets you recover on the flats and down hills whereas the hydro I was limping back at 140 watts I can now stick with the group and keep a consistent output through out the workout.

(Mark Holland ZZRC) #10

A nice piece of kit.  A bit out of my price range though!

(Daniel Szalay) #11

Yesterday I did the SST (short) workout again. What I can say for sure is that during the first 20-25 minutes the resistence slowly increases and it gets a lot harder over this time. That combined with setting 4 would be crazy :smiley:

And for the record I also have the Elite Crono Hydro Mag!

(William Taylor - TeamSolveig) #12

Just set up Zwift for my first couple of rides - Using the Supercrono HydroMag Digital - on L4 is literally ridiculous. I’m not a great cyclist but I was dead after 40 mins and it said I averaged 149W (1.75W/kg). I switched on the Elites digital display and it said I averaged 220W (2.58W/kg) A figure I’m much more used to. My last ride I switched on the digital display and tuned the resistance level until the power that the digital display was showing with the amount that was coming up on Zwift. Level 2 for the Elite Supercrono Hydromag was the closest match to the zPower.