Elite Drivo trainer

Has anyone got the elite drivo trainer to work in erg. mode.? If how is there any tips. My main question is do I have a defective trainer or is the trainer just not ready for prime time yet. I have emailed elite and they said my board was bad in trainer, sent me new trainer and same thing. works fine in simulation mode.

Are you checking the “use ERG mode” box on the workout selection screen? You may also want to go through this article to make sure you’re using it properly.

Yes the erg. box is checked. When doing ftp test warm up at 100 watts would have to pedal at 10 rpm to get that watt. pedal at 85 rpm and watts stay at 265 watts which is not a warm up.

Everything on your account looks like it’s paired correctly, but it sounds like you’re seeing much higher power numbers than expected, correct?

This sounds like it might be a problem with the trainer, so I’d recommend contacting Elite to see what further troubleshooting suggestions they have.