Elite Drivo resistance very low on Bluetooth (same with Direto as well)

(Eric Gray) #1

I’m wondering if Zwift has been able to make any headway on why trainer resistance is so low when using a Drivo connected through Bluetooth (in my case on an iPad).  I see several threads here stating the same thing.  Having to use the lowest tooth gear on the cassette and still having laughable resistance especially on a 0% grade or negative grade.  There’s “some” more resistance on inclines, but not enough to warrant switching gears on the cassette…and this all with having trainer difficulty set at 100% in the settings page. 

Trainer works fine when connected via ant+ fe-c to my iMac.  A Kickr snap also works fine when connected to the iPad via Bluetooth as well…so this is isolated to the control of my Drivo when connected via Bluetooth.

I’ve been in contact with tech support about this, sent in logs and network issues were blamed.  Last email correspondence asked for Speedtest results to Los Angeles, so I provided results to two different servers which of course showed my latency was very low as expected.  Haven’t heard a thing since I sent those results.  Very frustrating to say the least. 

(Thorsten Westergren) #2

I have the same problem, I’m using app in apple tv 4.
to the control of my drive when connected via Bluetooth.
Is the app in apple tv 4 not developed at the same level as the other platform?
Do you have any advice, or should I spend more money on another smart trainer

Br Thorsten (Sweden)

(Eric Gray) #3

Sorry I don’t know of what to say to help you.  It needs to be figured out why this is happening for the Drivo, and I would assume most Elite products when connected via Bluetooth.  Zwift has it figured out for ant+ fe-c so we know they know how to control the Drivo, and for that reason I wouldn’t think it’s a Drivo firmware issue.  It’s almost as if the baseline resistance for the Drivo is really really low for some reason.  

Sadly, since this has been a problem since last year it looks like this issue is not on Zwift’s priority list.  If doing a setup where you can use ant+ fe-c isn’t a possibility for you then I would advise trying to sell your Drivo and buying something like a Wahoo Kickr Snap, which I know first hand works on Bluetooth.  

I know if my Drivo ever stops working that’s exactly where I’m going to go…Kickr Snap.  

(Xavier Kraebel) #4

I’m sorry that you haven’t heard back from our support, I looked up your ticket and the support agent you’re working with is out of the office for his weekend, which is why you haven’t heard back. They’ll be back Tuesday I believe, so you should be hearing back from them then. Hopefully they’ll be able to work out your resistance issue!

(Thorsten Westergren) #5

HI !

Sorry, I forgot to tell you that my trainer is ELITE DIRETO, and not
Elite Drivo. Otherwise, everything else fits into my description.

Is there any workaround if you want to use the app
in apple tv and bluetooth ?




(Eric Gray) #6

No, sorry there isn’t any kind of work around. Right now the only way to get it to work the way it should is by connecting via ant+ fe-c to a Mac or PC.

On a side note…how can this be considered “answered”? No solution has been offered yet. Still very much unresolved.

(Thorsten Westergren) #7

Hi !

Thank you Eric that you took the time to answer my questions
Have a good bike summer

(Priit Alumaa) #8

I’ve the same problem with Elite Drivo!  When connecting Drivo with Zwift on Mac over Bluetooth and doing freeride or race on Zwift I will spin out even at 50-11 gear.  At the same time this problem with Zwift Bluetooth connection doesn’t show up in Zwift workout ERG mode. I can do workout intervals at high power just fine using Bluetooth connection.

Also connection of my  Drivo and Mac over Ant+FE-C works ok both in freeride and workout modes. And as a remark, my Drivo works also ok with Trainerroad on Mac over Bluetooth connection. 


(Vincent W.) #9

Hey all, in a coming update we should have FTMSimplemented, which should boost the performance of the Drivo with Zwift significantly. Our apologies for the issues encountered so far, and hopefully soon these will be a thing of the past! 

(Thorsten Westergren) #10

Hi Vincent !

Will this update with  FTMS implemented, also solve my problem with 

zwift (apple TV) and my trainer ELITE DIRETO using Bluetooth connection ?




(Eric Gray) #11

This latest update didn’t change anything. Still really low resistance on Bluetooth and my iPad.

(Thorsten Westergren) #12

I have the same experience, what I clearly see is the name of my trainer. I have also restart both apple tv and my trainer. I have some experience as a system developer for 40 years so I thought the change should come first in the next patch or sp  hopefully.

When you release a new patch, do you not attach a document with fixed bugs and new functionality. Have I missed something ?

(Vincent W.) #13

Hey Thorsten and Eric, we’re currently investigating why there may have not been a change. Will update you all as soon as possible! 

(Priit Alumaa) #14

Unfortunately, I can confirm, that the latest update did not fix this bug. My Drivo still has the same  Bluetooth Smart power problem as described above.

(Vincent W.) #15

Hey Thorsten, I’ve created a support ticket for you regarding this issue. Please check your email for a notification when you get the chance! When you talk to an agent, can you please provide the exact trainer you’re using, the device you’re playing Zwift on, how you’re pairing to your trainer (native BLE or Zwift Companion), and exactly where you’re feeling the low resistance drops.

Thank you again for your patience with us! 

(Robert Horrocks) #16

Change the bloody title to Direto please .

(Eric Gray) #17

You do realize that there is a trainer named Drivo made by Elite as well, right?

Regardless, this bug applies to the Direto as well so I added it in to the title.