Elite Drivo. No Smart Trainer Badge in right hand menu (Answered now)

(Steve House) #1

hi.    I have recently changed from using a Kurt Kinetic Road machine, to a Smart Trainer (Elite drivo) and i’m really looking forward to immersing myself even deeper in the experience.

But, referring to the right hand menu, where my Name, W/Kg, Distance, ‘on a workout’  etc is shown, I don’t see an indicator to show that I’m on a controllable trainer.

It’s not a dealbreaker,  but I see that others have the symbol, and when I’m finally, good enough to put out 500wtts constantly for an hour (yeah right!) …it would be good to let everyone know I’m not a ‘flier’ with a mag trainer on 0 resistance.


Thanks Zwift for the whole environment; I am absolutely hooked. I wouldn’t usually consider paying huge amounts for a machine like the Drivo, but ‘Zwift made me do it’.   Elite and the other guys must be as delighted with you, as we riders are.  Keep it coming!


UPDATE by me:

Sorry, I was wrong. I misunderstood the symbols. I was looking for the ‘phone’ icon to be the power meter, but I discovered that represents the Mobile Link.   The Power meter/smart Trainer is symbolized with the lightning strike next to the w/kg, which I do have, after all.

I can’t see how to delete this post, so, I updated it.

have fun!