Elite Direto uneven resistance

(Stefan Jensen) #1

When i go up a 5% hill the resistance often drops not a lot but a enough that my cadence goes op by 40-60 RPM for 1-4 sek. and then goes up again

This is vary frustrating when riding

The 5% i consent yellow the cooler is not changing when it do it

The trainer is calibrated

Using ANT+

There are others riders around my when it happens

(. Taylor Zwift) #2


I bought a Direto yesterday and experienced the same thing on my first ride. I didn’t have chance to resolve it because tonight it broke.


Very disappointed in the Elite Direto.

(Artur Kubinski) #3

Stefan Jensen
Settings Zwift
Do you have “Power Display” on"instant" ?  not on “3 sec avg”

(Steven Vancoillie) #4

Same here, also with Direto.

Even in workout mode (no ERG), so also no grade change.

The trainer still changes resistance when eg. I change cadence a bit.
I can feel it + I can hear the stepping motor on the trainer.

I don’t think the 3sec average changes anything, as far as I know, this is only visual.

(Christian Lankman TeamNL) #5

I had this problem and fixed it through choosing an other ant+ signal from the Direto. When you connect the trainer try the other option at ‘Controllable trainer’. If this doesn`t work unplug the Direto, wait a few seconds and plugin again. With the other signal in ‘Controllable trainer’ my problem was solved.

Hope this helps!

(Artur Kubinski) #6

yes to a good hint. Check if you have a connection with EF-C.

(Nick Fielibert) #7

Hi Artur, not sure what you mean? I have the same issue with Direto. I can constantly heqr the stepper motor changing the resistance. That should not be the case. Resistance is fixed each time you hit a new slope. When I use the iphone as bridge for BT, I don’t have this problem. Using Ant+ gives me a more realistic experience somehow. very strange this behavior.

(Cary Sporinsky TeamZF ZHR(F)) #8

Hello Nick,

Try the Pair screen, remove the trainer, then search, add it as the FE-C.

(Nick Fielibert) #9

I checked and the trainer is paired using FE-C, so this is not the problem. I found the same problem with elite’s my training. There is somehing unstable happing when slope control is done using ant. On the elite etraining PC application using slope driven resistance, the resistance changes only up to 7%. After that it maxes out and you can’t hear the zoom of the motor that drives the break. If you do a so called level training all works as expected: level chages from 0-16 and at each step you hear the break setting zoom to the next level. The 7% is 50% of the max specified by Elite. That can’t be a coincidence. 

(Krik Wefers Bettink 6013) #10

I had the same problem, but was also running the wattages on my Element Bolt. When I detected the trainer from my bike computer it started to run smoothly again.

Maybe you lso have a similar set-up?

Although I do still have it in ERG mode. Anybody checked it with Zwift support or Direto support?

(Nick Fielibert) #11

Just to report back on the previous issue. It turned out the trainer was working as expected. The advertising of: “the Direto simulates slopes up to 14” is a bit misleading, but still correct. It does 14% at 20 kph. Unfortunately I can’t do 20 kph @ 14%. At best I can get to 10 kph. At lower speeds, however, the resistance simulates much less than the advertised 14%. I was in contact with elite about this and they were very professional in in their response. They even provided me with graphs and formulas that explain how the direto calculates resistance for a given slope.

The only thing of importance for zwift, is  that you have to know that when you ride on a real slope it will feel much harder than on Zwift. The ride result in zwift is still correct. Zwift simply uses your power measurement from the direto and calculates the speed you’ll be riding on the slope.

You could compare this to auto-shifting, where zwift will start to control your gear ratio: it is like the gear goes from 34x28 to 34x36 @ 67 rpm. Not realistic of course. The only way to truly simulate how tough this is, is by selecting a gear that will force you to generate 290W at 60 rpm for example. That way you’ll feel the pain of 14% at 8.7 kph with 34x28 gear ratio (34 front, 28 rear( and   this is only for a specific weight of rider + bike.