Elite Direto Turbo Nag Message

Anyone here using an elite turbo, (I have a Direto) am also previously subscribed with ZWIFT. The turbo is new and decided to log me into a free 20 km which I didn’t need. Now I have a Nag Post at the bottom of the main screen telling me that my free trial has ended. An initial search seems to indicate that if I don’t cancel it (which I havent started) Apple might start billing me within 24 hours (Log onto Zwift via Apple TV. Can anyone cast any light on this and how do I remove this rather annoying Trial ended at the bottom of my main screen.


Yorkie C

I mean you remove the “trial ended” message by paying for the subscription to Zwift XD

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I already have a premium Zwift account that I have had for a number of years, the turbo is new and it is that and Elite Turbo software that has activated

Ur problem is not very clear and ur pic linked is 1 pixel high so can’t see anything.

It sounds like you’re logged into the wrong account on Zwift or something - have you double checked that the email/account you are using to log in to Zwift has an active subscription? Check here: The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

(sounds like you are logging into Zwift with an Elite Direto trial account or something…?)

Elite software (MyETraining) does not interact with Zwift software in any way, shape or form as far as I am aware.

Did you get a free trial bundled with the trainer? Was this as an activation code?

if you entered that it might have cancelled your payment while the free period was in progress - you may need to set up payment again in that case? Or did you set up the trial with a different email address? If so you’ll need to log back in with the old email address.

I should say i have no idea if this is true or not as I haven’t done this.


I have had an account with ZWIFT for a number of years now and have never logged on any other way than my own account. Somehow the Elite software has via bluetooth imposed itself on ZWIFT and automatically started a free 20 km trial which I have never had any intention of using as previously stated I already have an account. That 20km has expired and I am left with “Trial ended” at the middle bottom of the main screen. I do not have an account with Elite because I have not registered the turbo with them yet.
My question is, is there a way to remove this lettering through ZWIFT Settings or is it something I will have to take up with Elite.

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I do not think that is possible. I have had 2 elite trainers and never had this happen.

Are you sure your payments are still being made to zwift? have you changed bank account/payment method and not updated it to Zwift? that is all I can think of.

If not raise a ticket with zwift.


I pay for ZWIFT as I have done for about 4 years via a an online transaction set up when I first joined ZWIFT. I haven’t seen or angered any activation codes for the free trial. I have put in around 50 miles on ZWIFT since getting the turbo in my account. Suddenly this nag massage came up about the free trial which I am not interested in as Already stated I have a long standing account. Now when I log on I get this


And then at the bottom of the screen


My question now is do I have to restore my purchase that being my original ??


Hi @P_YorkieC

See if this help.

Another month, another free trial expired?

well, im out of ideas, super weird xD

out of wonder, what happens when you click the link i sent? does it definitely say zwift unlimited membership active on ur account?

it still looks like ur either logged into wrong account, or payment details have bounced this month for whatever reason. if ur 100% sure it’s not either of those, then something is F’d up somewhere with ur zwift account which u will prolly have to contact zwift support (not elite) to resolve. https://support.zwift.com/

I’m hoping that the OP’s situation has now long been sorted out, but I thought I’d just add that I’ve been having the same thing from time to time (not every month, bizarrely) and I believe it’s a Zwift/payment service snafu and is almost certainly unrelated to OP’s Elite trainer and an actual trial.
As @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ pointed out, @Aoi_Niigaki’s instruction to ‘restore purchase’ clears this up for me

I run Zwift on an iPad (+Wahoo KICKR trainer) and have had my Zwift subscription payment going through Apple/iTunes since I joined in spring 2019. Every two or three months, on the payment renewal date, I have that illustrated Zwift Unlimited message appear when I log in to ride. I’ve always clicked on ‘restore purchase’ and been good to go. Last week, I logged in seconds from the start of a group ride, ignored the Zwift Unlimited message due to lack of time, and then had the trial expired message at the bottom of the screen throughout the ride. At the end of the ride, everything saved okay (which I had been worried about). I then logged back in, restored the purchase, and all was fine once again.
No idea why the sync with Apple payments does not occur automatically every month.

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