Elite Direto Not Changing Resistance

(Vincent W.) #30

@Jonathan_Francis and @JohnV2 We may have made a breakthrough with BLE resistance issues that should affect the Direto as well once a hotfix is implemented:

(Brian Muir (RACC) GGCC ) #31

I have just taken delivery of a new Elite Direto and trying to interact with Zwift through Ant+ on my laptop but I get no resistance on climbs whatsoever. I have logged on and off, restarted and so and gave up at the 4th attempt. So to test the feature of my trainer I installed the My Etraining app by Elite, created a short point to point course, and yes it works on that. Even the smallest changes in gradient are noticeable and you can actually hear the trainer changing resistance. Unless I can resolve this I may be cancelling my Zwift membership and moving onto another platform. I’d rather not but that is why I paid good money for this trainer!

(Steven Gilbert (PACK)) #32

Check that when you pair the controllable trainer in Zwift that is it pairing as the “Elite FE-C” option, rather than the other option (“Elite RealTainer”). I found that if you start Zwift first and then only wake your trainer up by pedalling once on the pairing screen, by default it pairs as the wrong option which isn’t controllable. I found that pedalling and waking the trainer up before I start Zwift ensures it pairs as the controllable FE-C option (but still worth checking).

(Brian Muir (RACC) GGCC ) #33

FEC is selected but my ride isn’t saved on Zwift, just 0.0 metrics, but the ride ons are. If I use it as a non controllable trainer it records my metrics. Everything is showing on screen when I am actually riding however I also have issue with the power meter as it is way under what it should be, I reckon by more than 25% and the slope gradients are just ridiculous. The first climb on Hilly Route on Watopia feels at least 15 percent or more, small chain ring and low gear. But on the flat it’s way too easy, I could comfortably ride round on the 53 x 12. I have these issues no matter if I coonect via Ant+ on my laptop or Bluetooth on my iPhone app. To muddy the waters even farther as far as Zwift is concerned, yesterday, to try and pinpoint the issue I visited friends who are using the same trainer. I did a test ride on their machine loggged into their iPad and yet Zwift still didn’t record the metrics on my ride!

(Yy Wong) #34

Hi ,

I have same issue for this two days event started with no resistance after 1 hours cycling then then the signal dropped and I need to switch to Bluetooth connection in the midst of event. Even with Bluetooth connection I still never get any resistance .

Please fix or share with us any steps to try out.

(Vincent W.) #35

Hey Yy can you send us a support conversation with your log files for your most recent ride?

Support conversation: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
How do I find my log files: https://support.zwift.com/en_us/how-do-i-find-my-log-files-(cycling)-SyTW0JZSX

In the meantime we have a troubleshooting article for ANT + and Bluetooth connection drops that could definitely help!

(Augustin Bossart) #36

same issue today. It only happened on the Innsbruck course for me. Last time i rode it in September, no resistance. Today on that course again no resistance.
So the ride is still showing values that sound plausible (new FTP?).
I can send you the logs (found them) if you tell me how.

(Emanuele Villa) #37

Same issue.
New Elite Direto, connected with Zwift companion App (android), Bluetooth, using Win10 Pc.
No resistance changes at all.

(Brian Muir (RACC) GGCC ) #38

I still haven’t sorted any of my issues. I intend to try again tomorrow with another possible fix. If that doesn’t work I intend to delete Zwift completely from my laptop including all of the folders and do a fresh install totally from scratch. That is unless I get a response to my email that I sent Saturday to Zwift Support beforehand

(Vincent W.) #39

@Brian_Muir @Emanuele_Villa @Augustin_Bossart this issue can possibly be fixed with the planned resistance fix outlined here: Trainer Resistance Issues (Mainly on iOS Devices)

The fix is not out yet but should be soon!

(Brian Muir (RACC) GGCC ) #40

Vincent, I can get resistance connecting as FEC trainer through Ant+ but when I save my ride my training log shows distance as 0.0 miles no matter what distance I do. Even on someone else’s iPad, using their bike and trainer!

(Brian Muir (RACC) GGCC ) #41

(Brian Muir (RACC) GGCC ) #42

(Vincent W.) #43

On that latest ride you were using an Elite Turbo with all of the same setup?
And for all of those rides that did not show stats, was your wattage changing and was your avatar moving?

(Brian Muir (RACC) GGCC ) #44

During the actual ride everything appeared as normal, speed, time, distance and power. I even got ride ons and they are still logged. The power number from the screen shots are erroneous and don’t match my ride. The activity with statistics was done on Elite Turbo Muin and the others were done on Elite Direto with resistance on. If I ride without resistance control my stats are logged.

(Brian Muir (RACC) GGCC ) #45

And I have managed to recover my rides from the Activities folder in the Documents file of my laptop. It does have the metrics of the ride and I was able to save these to Strava but the activities have not been logged by MyZwift.

(Vincent W.) #46

Very interesting. Can you send us a support conversation along with your log files for those rides?

Support conversation: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
How to find log files: https://support.zwift.com/en_us/how-do-i-find-my-log-files-(cycling)-SyTW0JZSX

Also when you rode on the Direto, was the Turbo completely turned off/far away from the Direto and Zwift?

(Brian Muir (RACC) GGCC ) #47

I assume you mean the Turbo Muin and yes, on the last occasion it was about 6 miles away! I will try the support link later thanks.

(Yy Wong) #48

Hi Vincent,

Here is the log as per your request. Besides , I have raised another bugs where my event jersey for gran fondo as promised to keep in touch within 24 hours , but untill now there was no any feedback.


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(Yy Wong) #49

Hi Vincent,

Here is the log file as requested.

Thank you.

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