Elite Direto LAG

Hi Support,
i’m riding wih an elite Direto since Oct 17 and i’ve always had lag problems when direto has to change resistance for a climb or a descent.

I know that this trainer can not be as fast as a Kickr or a Neo (different mechanic) but some months ago a member of your staff during a chat told me that for some trainers zwift can ‘anticipate’ incline change to reduce lag.

Mine is not a big problem, about 2 second and i know that this lag increases when i raise trainer difficulty but if there could be a parameter that i can try to change in a config file i’d like to test it.

Thank you in advance for your support.


The Hammer trainer also lags by a couple of seconds. There is no setting in Zwift to compensate for this. A delay adjustment slider has been requested a number of times but fallen on deaf ears by Zwift.