Elite Chrono Fluid Vs Cycleops Fluid2

(Ian Fripp) #1

I’ve seen a few posts about variable or weird power outputs.  I have two trainers, the elite chrono fluid elastoplast and the cycleops fluid2 and have had drastically different outputs on both.

In comparing the power outputs of the two, the Elite trainer shows power outputs well above the 220 avg watts mark, with an average speed of over 30km/hr.  Not totally unreasonable for a racer in condition.  The problem is, I’m not a racer.  I’m an accountant.  As much as I wish I could cruise round watopia at 35km/hr for the entire time, it’s just not right.  I have checked my setup and it is correct.

The fluid2 is far harder but closer to my normal road speed.  The wattage on the KOM climbs is low on average (I climb a normal 7.5%-9% grade at about 12km/hr, zwift has me climbing it at about 9km/hr).  Also, at the same wattage I travel slightly farther in the real world on a flat course (about 28km in an hour) but in Zwift it’s between 23km to 25km.  Not that far off but the fluid2 is definitely harder than the real world.

Further to this, the power measurements fluctuate significantly with the fluid 2 which I never saw with the elite.  The only reasoning I can think is that the resistance unit in the fluid2 is much “stiffer” than the elite and so doesn’t re-produce coasting anywhere near as well.  However, it is frustrating to be on one gear and begin to climb a hill on a harder gear, only to see your wattage DECREASE!!! because the fluid gets stiffer the faster you go.  I saw a post earlier about someones kickr having fluctuating power output.  I’ve noticed the same thing on my fluid2.  Seeing the power go from 200 to 140 to 180 to 100 to 140 to 90 to 220 etc…  It is frustrating and I have re-checked my setup before each ride and have noticed this for the last 3 rides.

Overall, I’m out for a good workout so even though riding on the fluid is slightly demoralizing when people are constantly passing.  It is closer to real power output than the elite and I am getting a way better workout.

Also, I got the green jersey today on the fluid2.  Soooooooooo I earned that honestly which makes it all the more sweet.

Ride On!


(J P. Miller) #2

Riding a fluid 2 but using a Power2Max for the input to zwift, I am subject to the opposite of what you are when using zPower -  at the outset of my ride I am spinning easily at ~150 watts for my warmup, and by halfway through the lap, without shifting, the power meter is telling me about 190 watts and I haven’t changed gears - it has just gotten harder to pedal in the same gear due to the change in fluid properties.

(Ian Fripp) #3

Crazy - it’s almost enough to make me want to buy a power meter or a Kickr.