Elevation (realtime)

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A feature would be to see the realtime elevation during an exercise.

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I don’t understand the question.

the mini map has the grade in real time

And the data has the elevation


Yes, you are correct. Thanks for your Feedback.


Isn’t that display the vertical climb rather than the elevation?

You are correct, but how does elevation (i.e. sea level or 5,000 ft above sea level) factor into Zwift’s speed calculations? I remember an event last year that they changed something to mimic a velodrome somewhere that is at a higher altitude making you go faster in Zwift. Less dense air = faster.

Do we assume Zwift is at sea level?

That is the elevation gain during the ride.

If the OP want current elevation then the answer will be no.

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I’d be highly surprised if they added air density into the model. The highest altitude is the top of Ventoux, and since the bottom (in the Zwift universe) is close to sea level, you’re talking a max altitude around 1200m, not really worth taking into account.

And I fail to see what that number would be useful for.

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Air density also changes with temperature, so inside the volcano should be faster than outside the volcano :thinking: I doubt that is factored in also.

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To Show the gained climbed meter during a ride is one thing, to show how many meters above sea Level is something else. When you start your GPS outside.

It was just a feature request if that could be shown as well. When you climb in Watopia the Epic KOM then you see the Spiels how many Meter you currently reached, when passing by.

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