Elevation not syncing with resistance on my Wattbike Atom [August 2022]

One possible workaround for those having this issue.

  1. If you have an ANT+ USB dongle - you might try pairing via ANT as Douglas suggested upstream.

  2. If you are Bluetooth-only - rather than using the native Bluetooth LE (BLE) setup in your Zwift computer, try pairing via the bridged Bluetooth method using the Zwift Companion app. Instructions are here.

With regards to the PC issue which seems to be ongoing. Yes these 2 workarounds work though IMO are not really viable solutions long term. My experience of both Ant+ and the companion bridge is that neither provide as reliable connection, and Zwift’s on recommendation is that native BLE is the preferred connection method.
It would be great to know that the issues on PC are being investigated so we only have to rely on the above suggestions temporarily.

I tried it this evening, both in free ride mode and in ERG mode in a workout. It seems to be working again now. My wattbike’s resistance increased as I’d expect when climbing, and also the power demand changed automatically in a workout.

Thank you very much for responding zwiftly (:joy:) and for resolving the problem.


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We are investigating this symptom on PC / iOS as a separate incident from macOS. We’ll update this thread with progress on both investigations.

Thank you for looping back to let us know. We’re pretty sure of the root cause on macOS, and the fix for that will be in a patch ASAP.


Thanks @shooj , let me know if I can provide any more information to help investigations

Hi everyone, just want to add to this as I’ve been having similar issues.

Training on a Wattbike Atom V1 - when in a workout regardless of whether the ERG is on/off, my bike gears don’t respond at all, the app seems to take over and set the resistance without any manual control of my own. This seems to be creating only two levels of resistance for me, either cycling through sand or cycling on air.

When going in free ride control of the gears and resistance is fine though.

Any help?

Unlike the others though this is working on Android OS Version 12, Zwift App Version 1.28.0.

Hey @shooj is there any update on this?

On my side I’ve:

  • Updated again to latest WB firmware.
  • Updated to Windows 11.
  • Run through diagnostic checks with WB.

The issue still exists.

Wattbike are sending an engineer for further checks but seems unlikely they will find anything given others seem to have the same issue.

Update September 6:
This issue on macOS is resolved in Zwift game version 1.28.1. Mac users, please update at your earliest convenience.

We are still working through similar Wattbike symptoms on other OS platforms, and will update this thread as we make progress.

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Can we add in a few other wattbike atom issues that have been present for a very long time??

For starters…

ATV - End of a workout you can not return to gear mode and are stuck in a single gear until you unpair & repair the device.

Thanks for letting us know, Shooj! will do on updating the client software.