Electronic gear detection

I’m using SRAM eTap on a TRACX Neo trainer.  The gear combination is communicated via ANT+ to my Garmin to display what gear I’m in.  With Zwift, it doesn’t matter weather I’m in the big or small chainring.  Doing 54 kph in a 36-19 is unrealistic.  I would like to match resistance and speed to gearing.  Although this will only work with electronic shifters, more and more people are getting them and It would to make a Zwift session more realistic.  

Not sure what you’re talking about, the speed in the game is determined by your power output, which is relayed by the Neo. What gear you’re in, and the means by which you shift those gears, is irrelevant.

It’s more a question to be able to record the gear combinations in the workout fit file for later upload in Garmin connect or Today’s Plan.

This is an example from an exterior ride recorded by my Garmin Edge, sync with Today’s Plan. Since Zwift is not pair with my Di2, my sync Zwift activities do not have a Gear tab.


It’s really quite simple to me. Why shouldn’t I have to push a 52x11 gear when doing 70 to 80 kmh? Likewise I shouldn’t be able to do 55 kmh in a 36x19? I can adjust to the way Zwift works but not 100% realistic.


As Mark said:

Your speed in the game is calculated based on the amount of power you generate. You can generate the same power number using different gears and cadence.

you can do 55km/h in 36x19 when going downhill. :slight_smile:

Yeah I figured that’s the case. The only way it can be done with mechanical gears for sure. Wish there was an option to use the ANT+ gear reporting from electronic gears.