El Diablo on the Climbs

Add Didi “El Diablo” Senft on the climbs, especially Alpe du Zwift!

I want a cookie corner!


El Diablo is a brilliant idea!

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We’d have to sign deals with the real people whose likenesses we’d put in game, but yeah, I think this would be cool too.


even having the normal generic fans and the big Z logo character chasing after you would be fun on the Alp.


O that will be so cool.

Yeah, it wouldn’t have to involve likenesses of real people, given the legal ramifications. I certainly would not want to see my Zwift subscription go up on account of royalties paid. Just the atmosphere of generic crazy fans running on the course would be a fun addition - the Big Z, some dude in a squirrel costume, etc.

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Maybe on Races or Events, but free riding I like it quiet.

but no speedo’s or thongs please. :rofl:

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GCN had him in their intro and then deleted his two second profile for the same reason.