#EgoSurgingV#FTPRidingV#GroupRiding/ #WattFiltering

Below is a response I gave after being incapable of responding throughout a 4hr plus ride and being considered not part of a group ride… Riding off the front.

The leader was very protective and jealous for the group, which WAS good to see and kept the group together.


#WattFiltering might be considered Handicapping to make group rides more like the group. However when a group ride … ANY of them … doesn’t advertise such (or says TT bikes get filtered) it gets quite confusing.

For example, I’ve found I can be 1w/k above a group … Yet fall off the back. Then I find if I front ride … My watts are seemingly less in harms way ? So that’s what I’ve done … Until I can’t.

I think there ARE solutions for riders who wish to ride to #FTPthreshold … And yet have group reference. 

One is allowing Virtual Groups (selectable at any time) … Based on rides already completed. That’s one solution I don’t think is beyond the pale.

#WattFiltering as a broad solution is an offensive one broadly speaking I believe.

And giving Group Leaders a stick to castigate front riding as just #EgoSurging is bullying prima facie. Yes, it can be. Pushing 5W/Kg doesn’t look sustainable as a FTP… But then the question of dishonest Kg numbers come into it. Granted that CAN be an argument, but unless someone is claiming high watts on -80kg … Benefit might HAVE to be the default … Unless someone wants to fly around the world with a scale. 

The calorie difference between the two kinds of riding can be ENORMOUS.

Zwift has done well, but plenty of front riding is perfectly innocent. Cheers. HBC.


STRAVA Comment.

"Whilst I understand jealousy for the group today #FTPRiding means riding to a number - and if you’re a Chris Froome fan - that’s what it means and if you want to expose yourself you’ll call #FTP and #EgoSurge one and the same; they’re not.

Zwift allowing PM and enabling what sometimes looks like #WattFiltering (Not this ride thankfully I don’t think) is BEGGING for trouble when we’re ALL paying subscription.

Once I’d achieved 2 hrs I was able to relax, but I WAS a part of the group and I couldn’t say so because no messages are possible from the display. It was good today because it was flat.

HB stands for Handle Bullying and I will try to communicate this difference to Zwift blog wise but in the mean time nicely. At no point was I taking the mickey. I wasn’t planning on 160 but the group made the difference; so thankyou group.

I won’t stand for Zwift enabling group bullying by leaders, but I will be as respectful as I can. I know things are in flux right now, but Zwift MUST be impartial and careful the kinds of sticks they hand out to ride leaders; we can’t even answer back unless we have a perfect setup. Many don’t, and they’re just excited; or have time budget. Cheers.


All sound very serious me… Why not just chill out and bust your ass on a mammoth FTP effort! That’ll sort ya!