So I went on zwift for the first time today but my avatar didn’t represent the effort I was putting in by far, it seemed very delayed and like I wasn’t moving yet u was sweating my nads off nothing like I’d be doing on the road. If zwift charge me I feel cheated from what I’ve been through and no support from them direct

Read this: How Does Zwift Determine My Speed?

And please post a rundown of your entire setup.


I have tt fluid trainer, with a cadence sensor and speed sensor. Can a bad WiFi connection also influence this

What speed sensor exactly?
If it’s one with magnet, maybe the magnet is a bit too far away?
It it’s one with acceleration sensor on the hub, maybe it’s mounted wrong?
(I had this problem, when the PCB in the speed sensor was not fixed. Had to glue the PCB in the right position to the casing)

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