Effort Required to Bridge Gaps

During events, gaps to riders ahead of your current position are indicated in min/sec.  You can kind of gauge how much effort you need to expend to close a gap based on the difference in w/kg between you and the rider ahead, however, it would be great to have a visual indicator of how much time it would take to close a gap at a specific effort in w/kg.  For example, there’s a rider 20sec ahead of me who is riding at 4w/kg.  If I spin up to 6w/kg, it will take me “x” amount of approximate time to close the gap.  Having this time spread indicator, would inform how I would choose to expend the effort:  burn a match, or use a prolonged TT type effort.

Surely gauging your effort is a learned part of racecraft.  You don’t get this in real life.  Being able to judge your efforts is one of the most important parts of bunch racing.


Look at it from the other side.  If you are breaking away, would you want the chasers  to always have the knowledge of whether or not they can catch you easily?