Editing mistakes in Zwiftpower, how to remove

My son has been riding on my profile on and off here in the winter to keep him motivated, and I thought I had turned off Zwiftpower. But I see now, that has runs and mine is all there, and since he is 30 kg lighter than me, and pulls more watts, I have been promoted to B :slight_smile:

Is it just to suck it in, get outdriven in B, and hopefully, or is there a way to reset all data, and I earn my own way to B, when I get stronger/lighter ?

And of course…got the kid his own Zwiftaccount now :wink:

Send an email to zwiftpower@zwift.com with a link to your Zwiftpower profile.

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Zwift do offer free kids accounts, one of my kids uses it occasionally and it is a manual set up with Zwift (I think you have to email them) and it took a couple of days, but is definitely better than sharing an account.

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Agreed, he’s 16, and got hos own account now. I Will send my ZP to the email. Thx :+1:

Thx Steve.
I just send an email.

Shout out, if You need more info.

Best regards