Edit .ZTX - Zwift graphic files

So it’s possible to edit the graphic files in Zwift! The question is how?

I changed the .ztx extension to various known graphic extensions (jpg, psd, dds, png, etc.,) but can’t find the right extension!

Anyone know?

Looks like a variation of TGA-X


Hello… I want to create a tshirt of my team, but a can´t edit the file. I try to open the .wad file, but don´t open with “wally” software used to edit texture packs. Can you open the ztx file?


seems to be impossible with 3rd party apps

There’s a mod published on Zwiftinsider where someone changed the Road textures. So it should definitely be possible. They don’t say which tool they used though.

edit: The program “C.a.R” mentions .ztx files. I can’t insert a link here.