Easy login for multiple users on same computer

You can ask Zwift to remember you. But it only remembers the last person. As both my wife and me use Zwift on the same computer/app we have to type all the details each time (twice laptop and app) when we switch.

It would be so much better that the software and app offer a drop-down menu to pick the last users, instead of typing it all again.




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I too found this frustrating but I solved it by having multiple user accounts on the computer.  I’ve done this with Windows and Mac and it works out quite well.

OK, I get it! Create an other Mac/Windows user account. Sure, that’ a workaround but I’d still like to see a simple dropdown menu where I can select which user I want! That sounds so simple.

For the app you can also simply use 2 different phones. But then, only my phone can be easily mounted on my stem, not my wife’s phone (I use a Quadlock case).

Thanks anyway for the trick!

Clicking the “Change User” link on the upper-right of the Zwift login screen should get you where you need to be.

Or, you could use my sandbox approach, which is used by dozens to hundreds of studios and gyms now to run multiple Zwift sessions simultaneously on the same physical machine:



Personally, I am in agreement with Jonathan (above).  I don’t like work arounds.  I like the product to be professional and complete. It’s a simple process for ZWIFT to add multiple user buttons. This is not something where we are trying to get around having multiple accounts. I don’t mind having separate accounts. I just would like an easy process of selecting me as the user without having to go through the login process every time. 

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Fully agree with Kyle here.

Most annoying to log in, and, to link a “new” HR meter to the set-up every time. Certainly if the ‘other’ one is in the same place.

The devices should be linked to the user account.

Sounds so simple… 

I’m going to take the other side. Devices should absolutely  not  be linked per-user, because devices can be both shared, and simultaneous, so you need to be able to pair them bi-directionally, as it works today. 

As for multiple users logging in, I have no problem selecting the user from the dropdown, choosing Log In, and then riding as that user. Are you saying it doesn’t work like this on your machine?

There’s something to say for both.

The trainer, Tacx, is linked to the computer (windows 10) and is 1 to many - we only have one Tacx, one computer - independent of the user, the same trainer.

The heart rate belt is personal and linked to the user, everyone has its own.

In the Windows version I’m using - and maybe did something very wrong - I have the option to ‘change user’, but am presented with the login screen. The ‘remember me’ option doesn’t do anything.

Each time we switch users we have to first type the email and password, then pair the other heart rate belt… (and typically when the previous user is still in the room, the Zwift app counts down automatically, happy to have found all sensors and starts… but with the obviously wrong belt).

What app are you using to get the easy dropdown list ?

David and Ulrik,


I think we are all on the same page. But from David’s comments, I wonder if he really has the option of having a drop down of multiple users. I doubt it. In my case, I have an account and my daughter has an account. We have a designated computer for our kickr and Zwift. She has to log in before her ride - entering her login and password every time. Then I will ride later in the day and I have to do the same thing - login and enter password. I realize this takes only 10 to 20 seconds, but it is still a pain. I’m all about programs making it easier to use. I started this comment thread with the hope that someone from Zwift would realize that multiple people feel the same way and make a quick change to the program. If there is a drop down and I’m not realizing it, please let me know how to get to it. Thanks!

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I assure you, it’s what Windows provides, using the Internet Explorer controls to save the username and password (if you choose to do so). So multiple users who have logged into Zwift under the same Windows login (not my preferred approach) would simply use the list found by double-clicking the whitespace where ‘Username’ is, a list of previously-authenticated email addresses would be found there, and when one is selected, their password is automatically filled into the ‘Password’ dialog. This is all built into Windows by default.

For my multi-Zwift setup, I’m using sandboxes, but the Zwift appliances I build use separate Windows logins within a kiosk-like mode to allow each user to log in uniquely, so each Zwift login happens under a unique WIndows login (eg: no two users log into Zwift under the same Windows login).

Does that make sense? Works perfect in all three scenarios.

Yes, that makes sense. I will have to try it out. It might be that I don’t use IE and haven’t for a long time. But I do remember that when I used to use IE that it would do that. 

You don’t have to use IE, Windows does, under the covers. I’ve never used IE (the browser), but the AcitveX controls and other bits that IE uses to render HTML, handle forms, etc. are what Windows uses when it processes a web-form-based login, which Zwift uses on that initial Login window that pops up (hint: it’s not an app, it’s a webpage). So if you tell Windows to store those credentials there, it will remember them and you can have multiple users (email addresses) stored for Windows to use.

This KB article I wrote a couple of years ago, should help:


Windows configurations can differ greatly across multiple versions and choices on the Windows platform, the way in which Zwift uses its credentials and saves them may differ.

Some people have reported success with Windows saving the Zwift username and password, while others have not. If you’re having trouble saving your Zwift username/password, there’s a solution!

David A. Desrosiers (aka “setuid”) has written a very detailed and informative HOWTO describing exactly how to address the Zwift credentials on Windows issue.

HOWTO: Configure Windows to remember Zwift application passwords

I successfully use the method written up by … david (aka setuid). Thank you, David! Once it’s set up, it works well and easily.

It’d be great to have a method built into Zwift so that the average user doesn’t need to follow a step by step blog post to accomplish what the OP wrote about.

I also favor having Zwift remember the configuration for each user. So the heart rate monitor, power meter, cadence sensor and controllable power would all default to the sensors selected by that user the last time they used Zwift on that device. Zwift does store and use the user’s FTP, weight, etc. PerfPro, for instance, allows a sensor set to be saved for each user. Of course, PerfPro is oriented to a multi-user environment.

More important for me is having Zwift remember the workouts each user has ridden. Zwift stores which workouts were done on that device (at least on a PC) on which date, and opens the workout menu to the last workout plan selected on that computer. So if two people are alternating use of the PC, the workout menu will always open to the workout plan the other person was last using. And you’ll see each workout listed by the last date it was used on that computer, not the last date when that Zwifter did that workout. That is not the best behavior. It takes a little time, at best, to find the workout that you want to do, and at worst, it’s too confusing to find your next workout.

@Steve: You may want to rethink how you’re using your computer, if you have multiple users on the same PC. The right way to do this, is to give each user their own _ WIndows _ login, and then they correctly get their own, distinct \Documents\Zwift data directory, where their workouts are available and data/logs/activities do not confliclt. It also means that their “knowndevices.xml” file (created to track the UUIDs of the sensors they pair and use with Zwift) is also differentiated across users.

Sharing the same Windows login but trying to use multiple Zwift logins under that single Windows login, is going to cause you issues, because to _ Windows _, that’s still the same, single user with the same \Documents\Zwift folder that it intends to write to.

To solve the “shared workouts” problem, I’ve been using junctions (aka symlinks) on my Mac and Windows machines to deposit my screenshots, activities, workouts, etc. into Dropbox. That means that a workout created on Windows, is immediately available to my Mac or other Windows machines, where I run Zwift. Screenshots I take while riding on one machine, are instantly available to all other machines connected to the same Dropbox folder(s).

You may want to re-think how you’re using Zwift across multiple users, if you intend on sharing the same Windows login with different users (almost _ always _ a bad idea).

What you’re trying to do, is 100% achievable, but this isn’t a Zwift problem, this is a workflow problem.

Good luck!

David – much respect for your abilities and contributions.

But we’re not using Windows wrong. How we use Windows is just fine. That proposed cure is a bigger pain than the existing Zwift shortcoming. Zwift is the only application we use with a problem here.

Every other application, for which we care to maintain separate data on this PC, stores that data either locally or in the cloud by the application account, not by the Windows account.

Zwift even does that for most data – your points, your level, your avatar, your bike, wheels, kit, socks, shoes, glasses, headwear, your achievements, your current challenge participation, the events you’ve registered for, your ride history, your critical power curve, your physical characteristics, your links to Strava and other online services. Those are all always part of the Zwift user account. None of those are confused by the Windows login in use.

Zwift just ought to add your workout progress to the data they store for that particular user. That’s part of a implementing a feature request that’s been voiced more than once on this site – workout planning, scheduling and tracking within Zwift. Here I’m just suggesting that Zwift ought to do one part of that – remembering the last workout you did, by user, not by PC.

I previously mentioned PerfPro as an example. It saves everything I mentioned by rider, not by Windows login. And it remembers the user’s sensors as well. Zwift, by contrast, doesn’t remember that we’ve all used the same cadence sensor every one of the hundreds of times we’ve ridden using that PC. Spin up the crank to wake the signal transmissions and then it’s fine, sure. But it’s a needless, though short, nuisance at the beginning of every ride. All the several other Windows training apps we’ve used just remember and default to receiving signals from the last cadence sensor that rider used. I believe the others’ workflow in this little feature is better than Zwift’s.

I note that “Remember connected device setting” was recommended in March 2015, if not before. From a Computrainer user: “It would be very handy if the software remembered your last hardware setup and would automatically use it unless you selected ‘redetect’.” I’m re-recommending that request from Curt.

The TACX Trainer Software has solved this quite nicely.  A drop-down box of recent users, with the option to save a password against a user, and the option to add a new user.

I have a Zwift account, my wife has a Zwift account, and my son has a junior Zwift account.  I also use complex passwords (20 characters including symbols) which means that logging in is a real pain in the backside.

In fact, my wife and son cannot use Zwift unless I’m around because I need to log in to my LastPass account to get the right secure Zwift password, copy it, and paste it into Zwift.

It’s awful at the moment.

TACX - Perfectly solved…

When I started this post, I didn’t think I would get so much feedback. It is clearly a hot topic. People have provided work arounds and such, but that was not the purpose of my post. I too have a program which can work around this problem. A work around is not a problem solved. It’s a bandaid. All I’m asking is that Zwift install a drop down at the login which shows registered users associated with a specific pc. It’s not a big thing as multiple programs do it. I’m asking ZWIFT to do it, not a work around or add on. Don’t get me wrong, Zwift is amazing and I love the changes to the rides and additional routes. So, do I want Zwift to drop everything they are doing to make this change to the login? No. But just put this change on your list of things to get done. And maybe a little note from Zwift that they are planning on the change in the near future would be helpful as well.  Thanks! And please, no more comments on work arounds, add ons, or insults to the computer abilities of others. Let’s be kinder and gentler in our comments, the way would be out on the road when we see other cyclists.  Thanks!