Easy ERG Reactivation on Zwift Hub One

"It would be greatly appreciated if you could incorporate a convenient reactivation feature for ERG Mode on Zwift Hub One. This should be a straightforward implementation.

Here’s the situation I often encounter: During workouts, I tend not to connect the Zwift Click, as I don’t need it in ERG anyway and it tending to frequently disconnects due to my preference not to use it anyway (energy saving I guess?). Moreover, it seems to have poor Bluetooth reception, but that’s not a concern for me since I don’t utilize it very much anyway.

When I unexpectedly need to pause my training or encounter connection issues, it sometimes disengages from ERG Mode. Consequently, I find myself in a virtual gear that may not suit the situation at all. To resume ERG Mode, I must pedal at wattages well beyond my FTP to maintain a steady frequency. Unfortunately, with the Zwift Click disconnected, changing gears becomes a challenge.

While I’m aware this problem could be avoided or worked around relatively easily, I believe there’s a simple solution that requires minimal programming effort.

Zwift already has information about my target power, acknowledges that I am still in ERG Mode (or would like to be), and is aware of my virtual gears. It could easily ‘shift’ me to a gear that would achieve the target power at a reasonable frequency automatically.

In my opinion, this solution would be beneficial even for users with the Zwift Click connected, as it saves time and effort. It would serve as an additional advantage for Zwift Hub One users and undoubtedly enhance my experience, reducing frustration in situations where I’m forced to pedal at 800 Watts with a steady RPM due to an unexpected drop out of ERG Mode on a steep incline."

Thank you for maybe considering it :slight_smile: