Dynamic Scrolling of Interval list for large workouts

On large workouts with a number of intervals it’s possible the workout list goes past the bottom of the screen. Unfortunately, once it goes past the bottom you can no longer see what interval you are on because the system won’t scroll the list down. It’s basically flying blind on the workout

Secondly, it would be great to get some workout data on the mobile app - possibly the current interval time! I find during really hard intervals it’s hard to watch the screen and can barley look up. It would be great to look down on the mobile app and watch the seconds tick by until I can relax

did you read my post in FB? :wink:  Absolutely agree. scrolling would be perfect, or page 1/page 2/page x, or keep the current interval at the middle of the screen vertically and just move the list up… I am sure there is a simple solution!