During your Trial, Creating Workouts, other things not showing up.

(Keith Carter (cvcc)) #1

There are a few things I’m wondering about with the Trial version and the membership version, if there is any difference on the IOS app.

  1. Looking through the user manual it shows you can create a workout. I didn’t see that option on my screen scrolling down the pick a workout screen. I am using the IOS version. Didn’t see anywhere the custom workout creator…

  2. not being able to post my picture in the information about me area.

  3. At one time when I first started out, I was able to see the Orange arrow at the bottom left of screen. It does not show up anymore no matter if I an in the observing mood or not. I’ve tried all different camera angles, and it doesn’t work.

So are there limits to what you can do until you are a paid member? If so, can you please tell me what they are?

I have paid for a membership that is to start soon. THANKS!